The deepest lakes in Poland

The deepest lakes in Poland are ribbon lakes, i.e. those that were formed as a result of the action of water flowing under the ice sheet. There are many such lakes, especially in the area of ​​northern Poland, where the glacier activity was intense and recent. The second type of deep lakes are diamond lakes. They are formed by melting a glacier in a cauldron – they are found in the mountains. Other types of lakes in Poland (karst, moraine, coastal lakes are not deep. There is not a single tectonic lake here, so the deepest one is only a little over 100 meters).

The deepest lakes in Poland
The deepest lakes in Poland

In 30 years, the deepest lakes in Poland will gain more – Lake Bełchatów will be certain. It is an artificial lake created by flooding a brown coal mine. The mine authorities have decided to reclaim the mine, which is slowly ending mining. The shaping of the banks and the bottom of the reservoir has already started. The filling planned for 2050 will start soon. The planned depth is 170 meters and the area is 4,000 hectares.

NoLake nameDepth (m)Area (ha)Voivodeship
1Lake Hańcza106,2291,6podlaskie
2Lake Drawsko82,21797,5zachodnio-pomorskie
3Wielki Staw Polski80,330małopolskie
4Czarny Staw pod Rysami7720,6małopolskie
5Lake Wigry74,22115podlaskie
6Lake Wdzydze69,51417pomorskie
7Lake Wuksniki67,3118,5warmińsko-mazurskie
8Babięty Wielkie65,2258,5warmińsko-mazurskie
9Lake Morzycko60,7317,5zachodnio-pomorskie
10Lake Ciecz58,8171lubuskie
11Lake Piłakno56,6237,5warmińsko-mazurskie
12Lake Ełckie55,8385warmińsko-mazurskie
13Lake Ożewo55,549,5podlaskie
14Lake Gaładuś54,8552,5podlaskie
15Wulpińskie Lake54,6396warmińsko-mazurskie
16Lake Isąg54,5377,5warmińsko-mazurskie
17Lake Łańskie531070warmińsko-mazurskie
18Lake Białe Filipowskie52117,5podlaskie
19Lake Pluszne Wielkie52867,5warmińsko-mazurskie
20Rajgrodzkie Lake521499warmińsko-mazurskie / podlaskie
21Czarny Staw Gąsienicowy51,917,9małopolskie
22Morskie Oko51,834,9małopolskie
23Lake Mokre51790warmińsko-mazurskie
24Tałty-Lake Ryńskie50,81796warmińsko-mazurskie
The deepest lakes in Poland

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