Lake Pluszne Wielkie

Description of the lake

The Pluszne Wielkie Lake is situated in the Łańcut forests in the Olsztyn Lake District. The nearest town is Olsztynek, which can be reached via the S7 expressway. The national road No. 58 from Olsztynek towards Szczytno leads to the lake itself, but you can also go along the forest road from the side of Stawiguda. The lake is completely in the forest. The only non-forested area is the small village of Pluski.

The lake has an area of ​​908 hectares. The maximum depth is 52 meters and the average depth is 15. The length of the coastline is 30 kilometers. The coastline is well developed. It creates 7 peninsulas and numerous bays. The long and narrow bay, stretching from Zielonów to Kołatek, is sometimes called the Pluszne Małe lake. There are three islands on the lake: the largest one with an area of ​​about 4.7 hectares, called Sztork, is wooded, it lies on a slope opposite the village of Pluski, the other two are small, low, woodless and surrounded by rushes. The Swaderki Canal flows out of the southern part of the lake. It leads to Lake Poplusz Wielki, which connects with the Marózka River, and then with Łyna and Lake Łańskie. In 2002, the lake’s waters were classified as class II purity, while the reservoir was classified as class I of susceptibility to degradation.

Holidays by the lake

Pluski is the main summer resort on the shore. Lake Pluszne Wielkie is primarily admired from holiday resorts. However, those who are looking for agritourism accommodation or want to feel the atmosphere of the Masurian countryside should come to Pluski. It is a village where there are still many pre-war Prussian houses covered with tiles. Of course, there are also new ones. There are several fish bars in the village, a church, a shop, a public beach and a sailing marina. However, the buildings are dense and people looking for silence should look for accommodation on the outskirts or in Zielonów on the other side of the lake.

Who wants to get to know the original atmosphere of the Pluszne Wielkie lake, should go to one of the six holiday resorts by the lake. The centers are varied. They offer both hotel conditions and typical wooden houses. They are renovated and meet modern standards.

Lake Pluszne Wielkie. Photo Peritus. CC BY-SA 4.0 license
Lake Pluszne Wielkie. Photo Peritus. CC BY-SA 4.0 license

Pluszne Lake Great for divers

In the early nineties, at the beginning of summer, you could admire the bottom of the lake at a depth of 6 meters. Over time, the summer algae blooms grew longer and stronger, depriving the Lake of its legendary purity. At the turn of the century, two meters of transparency in summer was pure water, and only in fall and early spring it reached 3-4 meters of transparency. Fortunately, the sewage system of villages and resorts, combined with greater care for the cleanliness of the lake, brings results. Visibility in the Lake has improved considerably.

Before the outbreak of World War II, the Germans built an airport here, from which bombers flying over Warsaw took off in September 1939. During the war, an aviation school for Ju-87 dive bomber pilots operated here. In 1944, the airport was again transformed into a place for stationing combat machines. After the airport was captured by the Red Army in January 1945, planes with a red star began stationing there. With the establishment of the governmental holiday center in Łańsk, the airport was closed.

During the operation of the airport, a small island in the southern part of the lake was a target for concrete bombs dropped by German planes. According to the stories of the local people, the exercises were conducted both at night and during the day. Two anti-aircraft searchlights placed on the towers on opposite sides of the bay were used for the night raids. There was a rectangular concrete platform built on the island, which was pulled down after the war. In the vicinity of the island in the water, there are many training bombs, both concrete and other materials. This is one of the reasons why the Pluszne Wielkie Lake is eagerly visited by divers.

Conditions for anglers

The bottom and shores of Pluszne Wielkie are sandy, variable depth, with shallow waters and islands. The shoreline of the lake is diversified by numerous peninsulas and bends with steep slopes, devoid of reeds. On the Pluszne Lake, anglers will find many attractive spots perfect for fishing. The most interesting places are on the western shore of the lake. The lake is managed by the Szwaderki Fishing Farm. It is required to purchase a permit in addition to the fishing license. 30-40 years ago, the lake was known for its large number of huge fish. However, in recent years there have been definitely fewer of them. Even the tenant lowered the class of the lake from a special fishery to a generally accessible one. It probably results from overfishing the body of water with nets and, at the same time, little restocking. Fish that should live here are: asp, tench, burbot, perch, brown trout, zander, whitefish, pike, lake trout, eel.


The Pluszne Wielkie Lake is a beautiful large lake. It is clean and quiet because it is situated in the forest. It is a perfect summer destination for people who want to avoid crowds. There are many attractions. Both in the water and in the vicinity.

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