Drawsko Lake

The picturesque Drawsko Lake is located in the picturesque Drawsko Lake District. The water reservoir is an interesting resting place for tourists from all over the country. Numerous tourist attractions and landscape values ​​of the lake district ensure an unforgettable and nice vacation on the lake.

Drawsko Lake

Drawsko Lake is located in the picturesque Drawskie Lake District. The reservoir is characterized by a varied coastline and numerous charming bays. The area of ​​the reservoir is over 1872 hectares. Drawsko Lake distinguishes the accession of numerous islands from other lakes. The most popular of them is the Island of Bielawa occupying over 80 hectares of area. Rest on the Drawsko Lake must be crowned with a trip to this picturesque island, where you can reach a canoe or a sailboat. Specially prepared for tourists, there are numerous places visible from afar where you can swim freely and easily go ashore. The water of Lake Drawsko is very clean, which is why it is encouraged to use a soothing bath safely, especially in summer when temperatures are very high.

Tourist attractions don’t stop there. The “Wyspa Bielawa” nature path on the island is a specially marked path for tourists. Walking the trail you can see for yourself the beautiful landscape. It is worth taking a camera with you to capture the most picturesque areas covered with beautiful Drawsko Lake during your trip.

Supporters of strong sensations and active leisure can go to the nearby city of Czaplinek for a canoeing trip starting just from Lake Drawsko. Canoeists’ trip will provide many experiences and unforgettable experiences. What’s more, kayaking is also an opportunity to admire the wild nature around the water reservoir.

In addition to clean waters and charming islets and bays, Lake Drawsko has excellent conditions for lake fishing. Interesting stories circulate about numerous species of various fish having their habitat in the water. In the lake’s waters you can find mainly fish such as pike, perch, roach and even zander. Drawsko Lake is not only a habitat for fish life. Waters also inhabit crayfish rare in other lakes. This is due to the very clean waters of the reservoir and through the hard bottom.

The impressive size of the reservoir and favorable natural conditions make the lake a convenient place to practice various water sports. Drawsko Lake is an ideal place to go sailing, canoeing or windsurfing. Supporters of active forms of spending time will not be bored. The Drawsko Lake areas are very attractive for tourists but they are not as popular as other lakes in Poland. Therefore, the Drawskie Lakeland area is a peaceful and quiet place where you can do water sports, lake fishing and simply relax and unwind.

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