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Pojezierze Drawskie

Drawskie Lake District

Drawskie Lake District: an oasis of peace and adventure in the heart of Pomerania The Drawskie Lake District, located in


Lake Czos

Lake Czos is located in the Mrągowo Lake District, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in the Mrągowo commune. Access to the


Lake Ostrowskie

Lake Ostrowskie is located near the towns of Ostrowo and Przyjezierze. Both are large towns located to the south-west of


Lake Błędno

Lake Błędno, sometimes called Lake Zbąszyńskie, is located in the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship, in the Lubuskie Lake District. Access to the


Wilczyńskie Lake

Wilczyńskie Lake is a picturesque post-glacial water reservoir, which together with Lake Kownackie and Lake Suszewskie is a great natural


Lake Górskie

Lake Górskie in the Gostyniński Lake District is located in the commune of Łąck in the village of Grabina. The

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