Rajgrodzkie Lake

The Rajgrodzkie Lake is situated on the border of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Podlaskie voivodships in the area included in the Ełk Lakeland. Most of it is located in the Rajgród commune in Podlasie, but two northern bays called Przepiórka and Lake Stackie are already in the neighboring voivodeship. The easiest way to start exploring the lake is in Rajgród. This town is located on the national road No. 61 halfway between Grajewo and Augustów. The lake is surrounded by a network of smaller roads that take you to several villages on its shores.

Rajgrodzkie Lake. Author: Czarna Wies Osrodek Kormoran, license CCBY-SA3.0
Rajgrodzkie Lake. Author: Czarna Wies Osrodek Kormoran, license CCBY-SA3.0

Description of the lake

Rajgrodzkie Lake is one of the largest lakes in Poland. Its area is 1503 hectares. Thanks to this, it is on the 18th place on the list of the largest lakes. The average depth is 9.4 meters and the maximum is 52 meters. The lake is fragmented: the north-eastern branch of the lake is the Przepiórka lake, the western one is the Stackie lake, the southern one is Czarnowiejskie lake. The Jegrznia River flows out of Lake Rajgrodzkie. Then it flows along the Kuwasy Canal and flows to the Czerwone Bagno peat bog. Through the water connection through many rivers and canals, Lake Rajgrodzkie belongs to the water route leading from Olecko to Augustów.

Rest on Lake Rajgrodzkie

The first place that comes to mind near the lake is of course Rajgród. This small town is very tourist oriented. There are guesthouses, cottages, agritourism accommodation and holiday centers. There are also shops with all the necessary assortment as well as bars, restaurants and fish fryers. However, the marina is the main attraction to Rajgród. This is the only place on the lake that provides sailboat service and also here is the Yacht Club Arcus.

Beach-goers should go to the Black Village on the southern bay. There is the only public beach in this town. There is a lot of sand here, a new pier, lifeguard, changing rooms and shelters. There is also a car park. This is not the only place where you can swim, but the other beaches are among the holiday resorts, which are really a lot on Lake Rajgrodzkie. They are both in smaller towns and in the forests between them. Fans of agritourism and fishing should look for accommodation in Tworki, Stacze, Lisewo.

Rajgrodzkie Lake – fish

On Lake Rajgrodzkie, areas belonging to the Grajewo poviat are covered by a silence zone. Boats with engines up to 5 HP have recently been approved here. On the other hand, in the part of the reservoir under the Ełk poviat, there is a total silence zone. The reservoir is administered by Gospodarstwo Rybackie Holak – Haraburda – Rajgród, ul. Warszawska 11 and there you should also buy a permit. The following species of fish can be found in the lake: bream, tench, crucian carp, roach, silver bream, bleak, whitefish, reddish, pike, perch, zander, catfish, eel. The whitefish seems to be the most. The farmer stocks the lake very intensively, but at the same time he fishes with enthusiasm. Unfortunately, many anglers return from here without success.


Lake Rajgrodzkie is a nice large lake. The many bays ensure that sailing is not boring. The possibilities for practicing water sports are practically endless. There is a town, villages and holiday resorts outside the built-up area by the water. Unfortunately, the lake is moderately attractive for anglers.

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