Studzieniczne Lake

Studzieniczne Lake is the easternmost of the lakes in the Augustów commune. This is where the Augustów Shipping route ends. […]


Sajno Lake

Sajno Lake is the largest lake in the vicinity of Augustów and one of the largest lakes in the Suwałki-Augustów


Serwy Lake

Serwy Lake is located about 15 kilometers north-east of Augustów. It is the southern part of the Lithuanian Lake District


Necko Lake in Augustów

Necko Lake and Rospuda Augustowska Necko Lake lies within the borders of Augustów. In fact, the entire reservoir is in


Sumowo Bakałarzewskie Lake

Sumowo Bakałarzewskie Lake is located in the Suwałki Lake District near the village of Bakałarzewo. The Rospuda River flows through


Rajgrodzkie Lake

The Rajgrodzkie Lake is situated on the border of the Warmińsko-Mazurskie and Podlaskie voivodships in the area included in the

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