Welcome to the website of the Lakes of Poland. Here we will describe the most interesting lakes, floods and rivers on the right side of the Vistula. There are several national parks and many lovely towns and villages worth seeing. The tourist base is sufficiently extensive and everyone will find conditions suitable for themselves. There are both farm houses and luxury hotels.

Warmia and Masuria

Everybody knows Mazury, but not only can you relax there. Although here there are the largest lakes in Poland and usually directs us to navigate. There are many very popular towns, where it can be more crowded than the center of Warsaw. But if someone wants and this expects it will find many places clean and secluded, because the choice of lakes is very large.


Podlasie is known for its extraordinary purity, and the traditional landscapes of the village. A lot of cows here, the air is fresh. It dominates the lowland landscape with lots of meadows. The lakes are quite a bit, especially in the northern part. Podlasie is dotted with rivers and canals, among which the Pearl is the Augustów canal, providing a water connection with Lithuania and Belarus, and that way into the Baltic Sea, which is connected by the river basin of the Vistula and Neman. Nature is protected among others in Wigierskie National Park, Biebrzańskie National Park, Białowieża National Park and Narviański National Park.

Lublin Voivodeship

It is a land where two major tourist areas can be separated, where the most important are the lakes: Roztocze and Łęczyńsko-Włodawski Lake District. There are also many rivers here. North of Lublin are lowland and lazy, but in the vicinity of Biłgoraja Rivers can be mountain nature because they intersect Roztocze. These are the regions so charming that they were protected by nature in the form of Roztoczański National Park and Poleski National Park.

Greater Poland

The lakes of Wielkopolska are very famous, but rather locally. Everyone knows Lake Gopło, but because of its historical importance for Poland. However, it is worth delving into these areas, because there are many clean and beautiful ribbon lakes, especially in the vicinity of Gniezno. It is worth noting that many lakes are connected by navigable canals, which, combined with large rivers, allows you to relax on the boat.

Najbardziej polecane

Lubelskie na weekend

Lubelskie na weekend

Zalety Roztocza, Polesia i przełomu Wisły

Roztocze, kompleks Puszczy Solskiej i Lasów Janowskich – jest obszarem o walorach wypoczynkowych. Podstawowym czynnikiem atrakcyjności obszaru są walory krajoznawcze Parku Narodowego i Parków Krajoznawczych, które predestynują ten obszar dla rozwoju form turystyki przyjaznych środowisku

Największe jeziora w Polsce

Największe jeziora w Polsce

Do żeglowania i do plażowania

Trzy największe jeziora w Polsce to Śniardwy, Mamry i Łebsko. Jest też sporo dużych, ale najwięcej małych. Na szczęście teraz większość jest czysta. Prezentuję listę 20 największych jezior w Polsce.

Najczystsze jeziora w Polsce

Najczystsze jeziora w Polsce

Bezpieczeństwo i przejrzystość

Przedstawiam najczystsze jeziora w Polsce – top 200. Zestawienie opracowane na podstawie danych Główny Inspektorat Ochrony Środowiska z 2019.
Wygląda na to, że wiele osób spędzie wakacje 2021 w Polsce, to zachęcam do wybrania się nad jezioro i do udostępniania artykułu.

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Lake Bełdany

Lake Bełdany is located in the largest glacial valley in Poland. Most of the gutter is filled with water, and the lakes formed in it are connected. From the south, the following lakes are: Nidzkie, Read more…

Lake Lednica

Lake Lednica is located in the Gniezno Lake District between Gniezno and Poznań. Prince Mieszko I was probably baptized here. Currently, it is not the lake itself that attracts tourists, but its surroundings. All regional Read more…

The warmest lakes in Poland

Many people go on vacation to the Mediterranean Sea due to certain weather and higher water temperature than in the Baltic Sea. However, lovers of relaxing on the beach should also consider a trip to Read more…

Kozłowiecki Landscape Park

Kozłowiecki Landscape Park was established to protect the Kozłowieckie Forests – the largest forest complex in the vicinity of Lublin near Kozłówka – along with mid-forest meadows, marshes, ponds and agricultural and settlement enclaves. The Read more…

Lake Ińsko

Lake Ińsko is known for its clean water – first-class purity. High transparency has been encouraging for years to visit this reservoir. It is especially appreciated by divers. This lake is the best place for Read more…

Lake Rańskie

Rańskie Lake is located in the southern part of the Mrągowo Lake District. About halfway between Szczytno and Mrągowo. The name of the lake comes from the village of Rańsk, which lies on the eastern Read more…

Lake Olecko Wielkie

Lake Olecko Wielkie is the eastern border for the city of Olecko. The city shore has been developed with respect for nature and the needs of its inhabitants. It is a good place for a Read more…

Lubie Lake

Lubie Lake is situated in the Drawskie Lake District, which is part of the Pomeranian Lake District. This is a very large body of water. It is on the 19th place in terms of area Read more…

Niesłysz lake

Niesłysz Lake is the largest in the Lubuskie Lake District. The lake is clean and frequented. Beach-goers and anglers especially like them. It is a good place for tourists, which is emphasized by the constantly Read more…