Black Pond at Rysy

Undoubtedly, the Tatra Mountains are one of the most beautiful Polish mountains. Picturesque and rocky landscapes and beautiful lakes are the characteristic features of the area. Black Pond at Rysy is one of the Tatra lakes.

Black Pond at Rysy
Black Pond at Rysy

The Black Pond at Rysy is often called the Black Pond at Morskie Oko. The lake is located in the Tatra Mountains in the Rybi Potok Valley. Unique location in one of the most beautiful Polish mountains makes Black Pond a lake very attractive and willingly visited by tourists. The presence of cyanobacteria in the waters of the reservoir, as well as the characteristic shade that the peaks of the lake cast on the surface of the lake make the water very dark, almost black. This became the reason why the reservoir is called Black Pond at Rysy (PL: Czarny Staw pod Rysami)). The basin has an oval shape and its area is over 20 hectares. The surroundings of the lake are closed by a clear boundary of moving rock masses. Historic operation of the glacier created surrounding the reservoir rock hills through which the waters of Black Pond fall creating a waterfall.

The Black Pond lake has very harsh conditions and a lack of food for the life of organisms, which is why there are no fish or other animals in the water. A characteristic feature of the lake is its always low temperature. Even in summer, the water temperature in the Black Pond varies between 7 and 11 degrees Celsius. During the greatest heat due to the high rocks casting shadow on the water, eternal coolness prevails on the shores of the lake. During winter the water tank freezes. The reservoir is not a habitat for fauna, but there is a very interesting flora on the banks of Black Pond at Rysy. There are very rare plants here such as: alpine blizzard, Tatra panicle, leaf-leaved saxifrage. Vegetation occurs only in the Tatras.

The Tatras are one of the most beautiful mountains in Poland every year visited by many tourists not only due to the picturesque peaks but also lakes. Black Pond at Rysy is not a typical swimming lake where you can spend your free time, but it is no less popular among tourists visiting the Tatras. Harsh natural conditions and the eternal shadow that the rocks cast on the lake’s surface create an unforgettable atmosphere. Surrounding the lake through steep rocks even builds a mood of horror but does not detract from the beauty and mystery of the reservoir, which is why it is so popular and willingly visited by tourists from all over the country.

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