Białe lake – youth holiday destination

Białe Lake in Okuninka

The Białe lake is the most famous lake in the Lubelskie region. It is located in the eastern part of the district of Włodawa in the village of Okuninka. From Lublin on the lake can be reached by the National Road 82, followed by the provincial road 812 from Włodawa. The condition of the roadroad is good and it travels quite pleasantly, especially through the forests between Urszulin and Włodawa. From Warsaw it is best to plan the national Road No. 2 to Biała Podlaska and then the provincial road 812. In the year 2020 you will probably be able to take the expressway S17 from Warsaw to Piaski and continue on the provincial roads.

Lake White Party
Lake White Party

White Lake is the most popular lake in the Lublin region, which is located on the Łęczyńsko-Włodawska Plain. In summer, it experiences a real siege, because everyone wants to spend at least one weekend on the water. Picturesque views, sandy beaches and a well-prepared tourist base make it a perfect place for a holiday.

Description of the lake

The Białe lake is largest in the region. The surface of the water mirror is 106 hectares. No river is affected by the lake, nor does it flow. The bottom is sandy and most of the beaches are also such. The rest are covered with grass almost to the water itself. The average depth is 14 meters and the maximum is 34 meters. The Białe Lake distinguishes the first class of water purity.

Always clear water in the lake

Białe Lake is characterized by very clean waters, which is why families with children and young people come here eagerly. There is a water equipment rental and a windsurfing school at Lake Jezero. Various species of fish live in the lake’s waters, including carp, tench, vendace and zander, a fishing paradise. Hikers and cyclists will not be disappointed either. Around the lake there are well-prepared routes that discover the most beautiful places.

The most famous holiday resort located on Lake Białe is Okuninka. Out of season, Okuninka is a small town with about five hundred permanent residents. However, when the summer turns into a real tourist resort, the beaches are filled with tourists, and it is difficult to find a free place in restaurants and bars. To find comfortable accommodation in Okuninka, you need to think about booking a place a few weeks before the planned trip. The village has a well-prepared hotel base, there are also camping sites and private accommodation. The houses in Okuninka have a different standard, so everyone will find the one that suits them best.

Fish in the Białe Lake

The lake is a vendace type with relatively low biological production. There are such species of fish as: vendace, bleak, roach, rudd, bream, carp, perch, eel, pike, burbot, tench, crucian silver and gold carp, catfish and others. The lake is stocked annually.

Okuninka – a village surrounding the Białe Lake

Okuninka is a summer village in the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District, surrounding Lake Białe. The village is located in the Włodawa poviat, about 6 km from the city of Włodawa. From the early sixties, holiday resorts were built here, which today occupy the shore of the White Lake from three sides. The number of resorts exceeds 40. In addition, there are many discos, several dozen restaurants and bars. There is also an amusement park during the summer. The village itself is located on the northern shore of the lake. Residents mainly deal with agritourism.

In the vicinity of Okuninka there are also lakes: Lipiec, Święte, Rogoźne and Czarne, and Glinki lake a few hundred meters away. Lake Białe has a first class of purity and together with the tourist facilities of Okuninka every summer attracts tens of thousands of people. In high season, around mid-August, up to 20,000 people come here for the weekend, which is more than the city of Włodawa has permanent residents.

The characteristic buildings of Okuninka are the church, the Rusałka restaurant and one of the first summer resorts – camping on the northern shore of the lake.

Tourist offer

The entire shoreline is developed for tourists. The beaches are clean, offer full infrastructure and supervision of trained lifeguards. There are 15 campsites and over 80 holiday resorts. Shops are located mainly along the road that surrounds the entire lake. Almost the entire length is a bicycle path. The Green Velo bicycle trail runs along the west side of the lake. Buses from numerous stops go to nearby Włodawa. The lake is the destination of many party people. There are many discos and bars here. The average age of tourists is around 20 years. This is not a place for people who seek silence and retreat. This lake attracts young people who want to have fun in their company. If you are looking for it, this is the perfect place. One can say that it is Ibiza of the Lublin region.

People who plan a vacation in Okuninka will find a new attraction there. The pier is planned to open in summer. It has the shape of a horseshoe, a balustrade runs around it, which will ensure the safety of walkers. The pier will certainly be a big attraction of this resort, because in the evenings it will be additionally illuminated. It also fulfills another function, namely, it separates the children’s swimming pool from the open waters of the White Lake. This will ensure safer fun for children. White Lake and its surroundings will soon be enriched with a promenade. It is to be two kilometers long, with benches and gazebos standing along it. The whole is decorated with flower beds and trees.

If we want to relax in a place that abounds in attractions, where it is easy to find a restaurant and in the evening you can have fun, in Okuninka we will find everything. Summer cinema, football pitches, cafes and restaurants, you can’t be bored on the White Lake.

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