Lake Wulpińskie

Wulpińskie Lake is located in the Olsztyn Lakeland, about 6 kilometers south of Olsztyn. The lake is known under several names: Tomaszkowskie, Dorotowskie, formerly Wulpynk, but the official name is Lake Wulpińskie. From the east, the lake bypasses the S51 expressway, and from the north S16, which intersect between the lake and Olsztyn. The lake is surrounded by roads to the south, east and partially to the north. There is a low and accessible shore. The rest of the access to the tank is difficult.

Lake Wulpińskie
Lake Wulpińskie

The lake consists of two parts connected by a strait approximately 30 meters wide. The total water area is 706 hectares. The maximum depth is 55 meters and the average depth is 10.5 meters. The lake has a well-developed shoreline. There are 8 islands here. Three of them are connected by bridges to the mainland and used for tourism purposes. The largest island is Ostrów Dorotowski with an area of ​​7 hectares. Once the island was called Herta (from German Herta-Insel). There used to be excursions here. There was a dance hall and a restaurant. Currently, there are only trees on the island.

There is an old legend associated with Herta. A girl named Herta, the daughter of a wealthy farmer, once lived in the nearby Dorotowo. She fell in love with a poor fisherman from the same village. The girl’s father, however, did not want to hear about the marriage and one day, to put it out of her mind, he took her to the island for a few days. But when he returned to the island, the girl was no longer there. She probably drowned trying to get to the shore. From then on, the island, which had the name Baciów Ostrów, and then Petrykowski Ostrów, began to be called Herta by the inhabitants of Dorotowo. Later it was said that Herta appeared on the waves as a ghost, warning the fishermen of the storm. The captain of the ferry didn’t listen to her. When she showed up, he did not turn back to shore and hence the tragic disaster in the late 1930s.

Tourists like to come to Lake Wulpińskie, but there is one public beach in Barwiny. There is a large meadow where you can park your car. The beach is sandy and has a pier. However, it is on the sidelines. Those who decide to stay here for a few days can use the private entrances to the water, which are next to almost every house built on the lake shore. Barwiny, Kręsk, Majdy, Dorotowo, Tomaszkowo and Siła are towns that provide services for tourists. You can find here many agritourism lodgings, resorts and hotels. There is also a marina where you can rent floating equipment. In 2001, the lake was classified as class II in purity, but some say that noble crayfish can still be found there, the most natural indicator of water purity.

Lake Wulpińskie is a type of idyllic lake. It includes, among others, pike, eel, whitefish, perch and bream. The lake is administered by the “Bartołty Wielkie” Fish Farm. Permits can be bought in the “Malinka” shop in Dorotowo. Many people go here to catch a pike. It is not always successful. The fact that the farmer catches with nets certainly does not help. However, large fish do happen here. There are confirmed information about catching a pike. over a meter in length in each season, however, they are individual pieces The lake is in a quiet zone – motorboats cannot be used

Lake Wulpińskie is an interesting place for tourists in the Olsztyn Lakeland. Clean water and constantly developing infrastructure encourage visitors. You can relax here both cheaply and in luxury. Despite the large hotels and resorts, there is still peace and quiet here. You can also go fishing, because the tank is full of fish.

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