Olsztyn Lake District


Lake Luterskie

Lake Luterskie is located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in the central part of Poland. Access to the lake is easy […]


Lake Pluszne Wielkie

Description of the lake The Pluszne Wielkie Lake is situated in the Łańcut forests in the Olsztyn Lake District. The


Leleskie Lake

Leleskie Lake is situated in the heart of the Olsztyn Lak District in the Pasym commune. The national road No.


Lake Łańskie

How to get to Lake Łańskie Łańskie Lake is located in the Olsztyn Lakeland, approximately 20 kilometers from Olsztyn. It


Lake Maróz

Lake Maróz is located both on the main roads of Masuria and on the sidelines. It is located in the


Lake Mielno

Mielno Lake in the Olsztyn Lake District is one of 14 lakes with this name in Poland. It is the


Kalwa Lake

Kalwa Lake is located in the Olsztyn Lakeland in the Pasym commune. It is located halfway between Olsztyn and Szczytno.

Jezioro Dadaj

Dadaj Lake

Dadaj Lake is located in the Olsztyn Lakeland. We can find them halfway between Olsztyn and Mrągowo. It is at


Lake Wulpińskie

Wulpińskie Lake is located in the Olsztyn Lakeland, about 6 kilometers south of Olsztyn. The lake is known under several

Pojezierze olsztyńskie

Olsztyn lake district

Do you know that going to Olsztyn you hit a separate land called Olsztyn lake district? We know her another

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