Lake Wdzydze

On the picturesque area of ​​Bory Tucholskie there is Lake Wdzydze. The entire water reservoir is located in the area of ​​the beautiful Wdzydze Landscape Park. Natural values ​​and convenient location of the reservoir means that rest on Lake Wdzydze will always be successful.

Lake Wdzydze
Lake Wdzydze

Lake Wdzydze is located in the Kashubian Lake District, which is the highest of all Pomeranian Lake Districts. The Kashubian Lake District lies in the Lower Vistula region and has over 500 lakes. Gutter lakes predominate. Lake Wdzydze is one of the most popular places all over Kashubia and every year it is always besieged by many vacationers and tourists. The entire water reservoir consists of five connected lakes which include: Lake Wdzydze, Lake Słupinko, Lake Radolne, Lake Gołówń and Lake Jelenie. The reservoir is a clean reservoir, which is why it is ideal for swimming, water sports and all types of recreation. The area of ​​Lake Wdzydze is over 1,450 hectares, while the depth of the reservoir reaches up to 68 meters. One of the characteristic features of the lake are the islands found on it.

Lake Wdzydze, often called the Kashubian Sea, has excellent conditions for practicing water sports, which is why all those who love water madness will find it pleasant to rest on the lake. The lake is ideal for sailors and canoeists. What’s more, the Wda River canoe trail runs very popular among tourists. Rest on the lake will also diversify good fishing conditions. In the waters of Lake Wdzydze there are many species of fish, where trout and salmon predominate. The reservoir also has species such as bream, perch, zander and pike.

Clean water and favorable conditions for water sports and recreation are not all the advantages of the Wdzydze Lake area. The reservoir is a habitat of many different species of animals and birds, which, with a little patience, can be seen by every tourist in their natural environment. On Lake Wdzydze you can meet such birds as swan, crane and sawyer. The eagle owl, white-tailed eagle, hawk and buzzard also live on the lake, while the beaver forms the largest population among animals.

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