Lake Wigry – pearl of the north

Wigry National Park is a beautiful place in the heart of which is the picturesque Lake Wigry. The area of ​​the reservoir is very attractive both in terms of tourism and recreation. The natural values ​​of the lake make the reservoir an ideal place to relax by the water.

Lake Wigry
Lake Wigry

Lake Wigry is one of the 42 lakes of the Wigry National Park and is one of its most valuable elements. The reservoir is one of the largest and deepest water reservoirs in Poland. The maximum depth of the lake can reach over 70 meters. The shape of the reservoir is very diverse and the shoreline is well developed, which is largely covered by forests. The maximum length of the lake is over 17 kilometers while the width is over 3 meters. The bottom sculpture is very varied. The lake is divided into five parts: Plos Wigierski, Plos Szyja, Plos Bryzglowski, Plos Zakątowski and Bay of Wigry. The area of ​​the reservoir is a place of numerous bays. The most characteristic of them are the North Bay and the Eastern Bay separated from each other by the Monastic Peninsula. There are also islands on Lake Wigry, the largest of which is Mouse Island.

The lake area is a habitat for a diverse and very numerous flora and fauna. The dominant plant species are: reed, tares, hedgehogs, horsetails and paniculata. Yellow water-lily nets float on the water surface, while in the deeper parts of the lake there are numerous species of submerged vegetation. Rush vegetation covers almost the entire length of the shoreline of Lake Wigry. The reservoir’s waters are also a habitat for many species of fish. The most common fish are: pike, perch, trout and catfish. Lake Wigry is also a place of occurrence of various species of birds. In the area of ​​the water reservoir nests of reeds, black-headed gulls and also great grebes Szuwary in the area of ​​Czerwony Folwark is one of the most valuable refuges for such birds as mustache or bittern.

Natural values ​​are not the only advantages of the reservoir. Lake Wigry is a very attractive tourist and recreational area. Relaxing by the water on the lake will be an ideal proposition for spending your free time. The reservoir has excellent conditions for water sports. A nice way to spend your free time at the lake is kayaking, boating or sailing. An attraction are cruises on the waterfront. Lake Wigry belongs to the “Aqua Project”, which brings together the most valuable water bodies around the world.

Lake Wigry is a picturesque area that many tourists and holiday makers willingly visit. The unusual natural values ​​and the concentration of rare and diverse flora and fauna makes the lake an area where you can spend your free time very nicely. Active recreation on the lake will provide sailing or canoeing. Beautiful landscapes and picturesque vegetation on the shores of Lake Wigry will long be remembered.

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