Suwałki-Augustów Lake District

Suwałki Lake District – the Polish part of the Lithuanian Lakeland, stretching east of the proper Masuria, in the northern part of the Podlaskie Voivodeship. In Lithuanian literature, it enters under the name Sūduvos Aukštuma. In Polish literature, the name Suwałki-Augustów Lake District is often used, although it is a common name. It covers significant areas of the Suwałki, Sejny and Augustów counties. Suwałki is the largest city in the region. Of the approximately 250 lakes over one hectare, most are ribbon lakes. There are also moraine, oval lakes, characterized by an irregular shoreline. Most of the lakes have clean waters. It is a cooler part of Poland. It happens that the temperatures here are several degrees lower than in other parts of the country. Especially in winter.

Suwałki-Augustów Lake District

Suwałki-Augustów Lake District – tourist lakes

The most interesting tourist attractions

The Augustów Primeval Forest is a large forest complex located between the national road No. 8 and the eastern border of Poland. The area of ​​the entire forest is 160 thousand hectares, of which over 114 thousand hectares are within the borders of Poland. It is home to the Wigry National Park. Numerous tourist routes lead through the Augustów Primeval Forest: walking, cycling and canoeing. The lakes are appreciated by sailors and amateurs of other water sports, as well as by anglers.

The Augustów Canal, i.e. the channel connecting the Vistula’s tributaries with the Baltic Sea via a circular route through the tributaries of the Nemunas, bypassing the lower Vistula. It runs from the Biebrza River in the vicinity of Dębowo through the Netta River to Augustów. Continue through the Necko, Białe Augustowskie and Studzieniczne lakes. The next episode to the village of Płaska is the work of human hands. The next part leads through small lakes to Mikaszówka, behind which there is a connection with Czarna Hańcza. Further on, the channel is artificial and leads to the border with Belarus in Rudawka. The Belarusian part of the canal runs almost straight to the Nemunas. Currently, the canal is used for tourism. Cruise ships and canoeists sail on it. It is very attractive due to numerous locks.

Czarna Hańcza is the largest river in the Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland. It flows through very interesting areas, sometimes with unique landscape, geological and historical values. The river is beautiful. In places the valley is narrow and the current is swift, but mostly it is a lowland river meandering lazily. In the section from Lake Wigry to the Augustowski Canal, it is the route of a popular canoeing trip.

Rospuda is the second important tourist river in the Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland. It is as beautiful as Czarna Hańcza, and it flows through interesting lakes. The landscape here is more varied, because the water flows not only through forests and meadows, but also through fields. The canoe trail leads from Garbaś Lake to Augustów.

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