Lake Białe Augustowskie

The Białe Augustowskie Lake is one of the few lakes in Augustów. It is also the largest lake within the Augustów Canal. The lake is located east of the city, but the buildings on the shores also have Augustów addresses. The name of the lake comes from the sandy and light bottom, rarely covered with reeds and rushes (only 4%).

The lake has an area of ​​480 hectares. The average depth is 8 meters and the maximum depth is 30 meters. The coastline is well developed. There are both numerous bays (Orzechówka, Tartaczna, Wierszowiec) and peninsulas (southern shore – Pień, Dąbek, Lisi Ogon, northern shore – Ostry Róg). The shores are mostly high and dry, covered with pine trees. There are 4 islands on the lake. In the west, the lake connects to Lake Necko by the Klonownica River. To the east, the Przewięź Lock leads to Lake Studzieniczne. The entire sequence is part of the Augustów Canal.

Tourist attractions

The southern shore is a villa development. There are many buildings here from the 1930s. Including the building of the Officers’ Yahtu Club or the President’s Villa, in the interwar period the seat of the Yacht Club of the Republic of Poland. The northern shore, on the other hand, is covered with forest, but only seemingly wild. There are many campsites and several holiday resorts. Some houses in the city have private access to the water, but rather this part of the lake is an attraction for sailors.

During his seventh pilgrimage to Poland, Pope John Paul II visited Augustów and Studzieniczna. On June 9, 1999, the Holy Father made a cruise on board the “Serwy” ship of Żegluga Augustowska. The cruise started from the marina at the Oficerski Yacht Club Pacific. In front of the building there is a monument in the form of an armchair and a commemorative stone to commemorate the visit.

There are hotels, resorts, private accommodation and campsites near the lake – you can easily find the perfect place to stay here. For those who are hungry, the offer is also good. There are many places where you can eat cheap and tasty. Ships of the Augustów Shipping from the harbor in Augustów sail on Lake Białe.

Lake Białe Augustowskie
Lake Białe Augustowskie

Pan Beach

It is better to choose a forest shore for sunbathing. And for quick one-day excursions, it’s best to choose the Patelnia beaches, which is located in the north-eastern corner of the lake. There is a huge mountain of sand here. The shore is high and the beach has a steep slope. There is a parking lot, shelters and places for a barbecue or a bonfire by the road. The plaza is really big. Maybe even bigger than the city beach on Lake Necko in Augustów, and there is certainly more sand here. The Patelnia beach stands out from other places of this type, because beaches with such a large slope angle are not often found.

Białe Augustowskie Lake – fish

The lessee of the lake is the Augustów Fisheries Farm. You must purchase a fishing permit. It exchanges water with Lake Studzieniczne through a lock at the eastern end. This part of Biały becomes attractive only in autumn. Fishing in the area close to the edge of the hill and the adjacent large depth of the deep sea has always brought good results. I especially recommend this place to perch enthusiasts. The western slopes of the hill attract large hunchbacks. Very attractive fisheries are narrowed to the west. The lake has the following species of fish: eel, bream, tench, perch, pike, whitefish, whitefish, rudd and catfish. However, due to frequent passenger ship courses, these fish should be found in quiet places around the islands and reeds, and it is best to go there after the tourist season, i.e. in September.

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