Studzieniczne Lake

Studzieniczne Lake is the easternmost of the lakes in the Augustów commune. This is where the Augustów Shipping route ends. You can continue along the further part of the Augustów Canal. Formally, the lake is located in Augustów, but it is dominated by recreational buildings. It is a perfect place to rest for those who are kayaking from Lake Wigry to Augustów.

Studzieniczne Lake. Photo adamkoc1, CCBY 3.0 license
Studzieniczne Lake. Photo adamkoc1, CCBY 3.0 license

The lake is big. It has 250 hectares. The average depth is 8.7 meters and the maximum depth is 30 meters. The coastline is very developed. There are islands: Lipówek, Janowy Grąd (the largest), Brzozowy Grąd (the smallest), which since 1960 has been the Brzozowy Grąd floristic reserve. The total area of ​​the islands is 2.5 hectares. On the former island of Studzieniczne Lake, currently connected to the mainland by a dyke, there is the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Studzieniczańskiej. In the east, the lake turns into the Augustowski Canal and here is the Swoboda Lock. In the west, through the Przewięz Lock, there is a connection with Lake Białe Augustowskie. To the south, there is also a canal leading to the Studzieniczański Pond. The shoreline of Lake Studzieniczne is mainly occupied by forests, which cover as much as 70% of the shoreline – these are mainly pine forests. Much of the coastline is wetlands.

This area is often chosen as a resting place by canoeists and those who prefer silence. There are 5 campsites and many private holiday homes to choose from. This may be the last night for those who are kayaking to Augustów. This tour is very long and charming. It leads from Lake Wigry, through Czarna Hańcza and the Augustowski Canal. You can even continue along the Netta River to Biebrza. The tourist base here has been very extensive, you can easily go hiking, water, horse-riding or cycling here.

The bicycle trail “Around the White Lake and the Studzieniczne Lake” leads, in accordance with its name, around these lakes. They lie north of Augustów and form part of the hydrotechnical system of the Augustów Canal. The route is in the form of a loop, marked in blue, and is 25 kilometers long. It is perfect for a recreational family trip. It runs mainly along forest roads on the shores of lakes and a part of the city of Augustów. The attractions of the route are beautiful views of the lakes, two sluices of the Augustowski Canal (Przewięź and Swoboda) and the Marian sanctuary in Studzieniczna. The trail is quite well marked and has rest areas. There are numerous bars and eateries along the route.

There are many attractive fish species in the lake, including: roach, bream, eel, rudd, whitefish, whitefish, carp, pike, perch and sometimes pike perch. Pike can be found almost everywhere. There are fisheries promising bites. In particular, the isthmus, several dozen meters wide, between the islands near the Przewięź lock. Another fishery is a bay green with clumps of rushes and knotweed, which is located in the line of these islands by the southern shore. The lessee of the lake is the Augustów Fisheries Farm. You must purchase a fishing permit.

During the penultimate pilgrimage to Poland in 1999, Pope John Paul II visited the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Studzieniczań. On the island, next to the chapel, a monument by Czesław Dźwigaj commemorating this visit was erected in the place where he came by the white fleet. The sanctuary is associated with the apparitions of the Virgin Mary, which took place in the 18th century. Currently, it is the main place of Marian devotion in the Ełk diocese.

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