Serwy Lake

Serwy Lake is located about 15 kilometers north-east of Augustów. It is the southern part of the Lithuanian Lake District called Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland. The lake is located between the national road No. 16, which leads from Olsztyn through the entire Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship, then to Augustów and turns towards the border with Lithuania, and the voivodeship road No. 672 from Przewięź to Rudawka. The lake is located in the heart of the Augustów Primeval Forest, only sparsely crossed by fields. One of these agricultural clearings is located on the northern side of the lake. However, forests dominate here.

Serwy Lake
Serwy Lake

The area of ​​Lake Serwy is 460 hectares. The maximum depth is 41 meters and the average depth is 14 meters. The lake is 7 kilometers long and the maximum width is 1.2 kilometers. The coastline is moderately developed. The shore is not smooth, but the bays do not cut too far. There are three islands on the lake: Sosnowo Island (cormorant reserve), Lipowo Island and Dębowo Island. Moreover, in the southern part there is shallow water, where the aquatic vegetation protrudes above the lake’s surface. At the southern end of the lake there is the beginning of the canal that carries excess water to the Augustów Canal. The entrance to the canal is blocked by a lock, so anyone who wants to enter by canoe must move it.

The Serwy Lake attracts tourists who value peace. It is true that the accommodation base is extensive here, but the vast majority are agritourism farms. There is a hotel and recreation centers in Serwy, but no fancy events. Driving from the south in Serwy there is a small beach, and its equipment is poor: parking, gazebos and a small pier. The second beach – the city one is also located in Serwy, at the northern end of the Dębowa Island. Tourist and leisure area equipped with: piers, barbecue shelters, beach changing rooms, bicycle stands, parking spaces, playgrounds for children, fences, rubbish bins, sanitary facilities, lighting on poles, water supply connections. The other beaches are part of the resorts. The other shore, the eastern shore, ensures absolute peace. There are two villages here: Podmacharce and Mołowiste. Theoretically, these are agricultural areas, but in fact, almost all residents are involved in agritourism. Most farms have their own access to the water and often a pier. There are three campsites in the forests of the eastern shore. It is worth mentioning that the water is very clean – classified as class II purity.

The lake is leased by the “Augustów” Fishing Farm. It is a special fishery and a special permit is required to be purchased in the village of Sucha Rzeczka in the building next to the weir. The following fish are: whitefish, carp, bream, perch, roach, whitefish, pike, bleak, rudd. For many years it was hard to find fish, because the lessee fished with nets very intensively. However, recent years show that there are more fish and it may make sense to fish here, although the permit price is very high.

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