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Olecko commune

The Olecko commune is located in the north-eastern part of Poland, in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The following roads intersect in the commune: national road Gołdap-Olecko-Ełk (no. 657) with voivodeship roads Olecko-Raczki (no. 654), Olecko-Suwałki (no. 653), Olecko-Giżycko (no. 655). The average distance between the larger cities of the region (Augustów, Ełk, Gołdap, Suwałki) is 30 km, which makes Olecko an excellent base for exploring the region.

The Olecko commune is situated on the route connecting the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes with the Suwałki-Augustów Lakeland. Glaciation had the greatest impact on the relief, as a result of which it is characterized by a very varied relief. The area is hilly – the hills range from 121 m above sea level in the southern part of the commune to 220 m above sea level in the north-eastern part.

The city of Olecko
The city of Olecko

The city of Olecko

The city enchants visitors with its charming location on the Lega River, which flows picturesquely from the lake, wrapped around the city like a blue ribbon. The air in this area is one of the cleanest in Poland. This was due to, inter alia, remoteness of the region from big city centers and close proximity to four forests: Augustowska, Romincka, Borecka and Piska. The attractive location of the Olecko sports base in the vicinity of the park and the lake translates into excellent conditions for active recreation and practicing various sports.

Olecko plays the role of the administrative center of the commune and the Olecki poviat. It is a multifunctional center of supra-local importance. Olecko is a commercial and service center, educational, cultural and entertainment as well as administrative and financial center. All offices are located here. The leading functions in the city are administration and services, mainly trade and construction, as well as recreation, tourism and leisure. The functions accompanying the basic functions are the residential function and the service functions in the field of service development, communication and technical infrastructure. The dominant function in the city is the wood and food industry (meat and dairy plants, bakeries).


Climate (according to the Statistical Yearbook of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship of 2001)

  • the average annual air temperature in the period 1971-2001 is 7.5 C,
  • monthly average air temperature in January: -0.6 C, and in July 19.8 C,
  • annual precipitation totals in [mm]: in 1999 – 701, in 2000 – 607 and 2001 – 663,
  • annual sums of precipitation in the years 1981-2001 amount to 550 – 750 [mm],
  • the snow cover lasts quite a long time – 70-100 days.

It was here that the lowest temperatures were recorded among all localities located up to 1000 m above sea level. The extreme temperatures were assumed for Oleck – 34 ° C in summer and -36.4 ° C in winter; thus, the maximum temperature amplitude here is 70.4 ° C, although even more severe frosts were found locally, such as in March 1940 (-38 ° C) or during the real “winter of the century” in February 9, 1929 – 42 ° C. These circumstances were probably taken into account when installing a meteorological station here in 1893.

The offer of active recreation in Olecko is unique.
Tourists have at their disposal a sports and recreation complex located in a historic park, directly adjacent to the shores of Lake Oleckie Wielkie, less than 500 meters from the city center. The team consists of:

  • tennis courts,
  • beach volleyball courts,
  • football field with artificial turf,
  • athletics and football stadium, campsite,
  • sports and entertainment hall with the “Lega” swimming pool,
  • city ​​beach,
  • skate park,
  • nature trail around the lake – Wiewiórcza Ścieżka.

In the guarded, municipal swimming pool there are, among others pier with a jumping tower, water equipment rental, WOPR base, bar with a roofed shelter, volleyball court, sanitary facilities. During the summer months, many sports and cultural events take place here.

City beach
City beach

Tourist routes

The vicinity of Olecko is one of the few corners of the country that combine the extraordinary beauty of the landscape with the freshness of the areas not damaged by man. The colors of forests green and blue of lakes dominate here – perfect places to rest.

The advantages of the Olecko Region include a wonderful microclimate, large water and forest areas, an abundance of game and birds, a variety of flora – perfect conditions for sailing, hunting, fishing and mushroom picking.

Nature reserves with rare tree stands and animals increase the tourist and sightseeing attractiveness of this region. Here you can meet species characteristic of the subpolar climate, appearing in the form of relics, plant communities preserved in an unchanged, original form – bog forest, raised bog and transitional peat bog. The last two communities survived as a result of the presence of lakes and local drainless depressions.

This diversity of terrain and the location on the edge of the Atlantic and continental climates maintains the diversity and richness of the flora. Therefore, there are many species and plant communities considered rare or in danger of extinction.

Olecko – attractions for children

Olecko is a perfect place to spend free time with your family. It is worth coming here with a child, regardless of the season. In summer, spending time by the lake will be fun. The “Skocznia” bathing beach at Lake Oleckie Wielki is particularly child-friendly. You can also spend time outdoors in the city parks. Children’s harcoms are favored by the park in the city center with a modern playground, while the recreational area located at the walking pathway to the city beach “Skocznia”, apart from the playground, also offers a skate park, tracks for cycling or roller skating and a rope pyramid. Entertainment is also provided by film screenings in the Mazur cinema. Close contact with nature will certainly be a considerable attraction for the youngest. Certainly, our youngest children will enjoy a walk along the Squirrel Path – the route along the shoreline of the city’s lake. It is a great opportunity to learn about new, previously unknown species of plants and animals.

The article is based on materials published on the website of the city of Olecko.

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