LSURF windsurfing school at Zegrzyński Lake

Can you windsurf while living in the center of Poland? Is it possible to develop water passions being a Varsovian? Of course it is, and only 30 minutes drive from the center of Warsaw. There is a LSURF Windsurfing Center in Nieporęt, right by the Zegrzyński Lake. Windsurfing school, in which you can not only rent windsurfing equipment, but above all, under the guidance of qualified instructors put both your first steps on a board with a sail, as well as practice more advanced elements, such as the stern in the slide. From the beginning of May to the end of September, you can enjoy the charms of Zegrzyński Lake every day. You no longer have to wait for holidays or a long trip – surfers come here after work, before work, as well as after school or any other free moment to take a break from the momentum of life in the capital.


Windsurfing is a sport whose 5-year-olds start learning. It is very important that the child is not afraid of contact with water, then he can start his adventure with board and sail. First, they are games that familiarize you with this beautiful sport, and then, over time, introduce more and more advanced elements, until the student is able to swim alone and return to the same place.


Classes with adults are conducted in the form of lessons in small, intimate groups, where the number of students swimming with one instructor does not exceed 3 people, as well as in the form of VIP lessons, when the instructor focuses his attention on only one student. The initial training begins with a theoretical introduction on land, familiarization with the basic phrases and practice of a sequence of movements with the help of a training simulator on the beach. After about 10 minutes, it’s time to go out on the water.

Particularly noteworthy are the holiday camps, which are used by children and young people from Warsaw and the surrounding area throughout the whole holiday. During the 5-day stay (from Monday to Friday), young surfers spend time outdoors, learning primarily windsurfing, but also taking part in numerous games and activities. They stay far away from electronic devices, developing among peers with a common passion. Registrations for the windsurfing camp have been going on intensively since the turn of the year, so it’s worth booking a date in advance, as the number of participants is very limited. We put safety first.


SUP boards are also dominant in LSURF. This sport is incredibly popular in the world, and in the amateur version it allows you to move completely independently on the water, with almost no preparation. In the basic version it is a large, stable board and paddle, with the help of which we move, changing the direction of flow, in a manner analogous to a kayak. You can swim on the SUP board both alone and in 2-3 people. If the student is not sure if he will manage, he can always count on the professional help of an instructor. For organized groups, the offer also includes huge 15-person boards on which fantastic team-building workshops can be organized, as rowing and balancing together requires a lot of cooperation. During the season, you can also take part in SUP expeditions, exploring the near and further surroundings of the Lake.

If you don’t feel like soaking in water, you can also rent kayaks, pedal boats and even sunbeds at LSURFIe to relax by the water without much physical exertion.

windsurfing School
LSURF team

We invite you from the beginning of May.

LSURF windsurfing school
ul. Wojska Polskiego 3
05-126 Nieporet
Nieporęt Pilawa Recreation Complex
tel. +48 511 28 28 29 

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