What to bring with you to the lake

What to bring to the lake is the age-old dilemma of tourists. Relaxing on the lake is relaxation in itself. To spend time pleasantly and use every moment at the lake, you need a bag full of necessary things. We have prepared a small cheat sheet for you, which will help you prepare your equipment.

 Where to start packing?

You can’t go to the lake without a towel or blanket. Lying on hot (and sometimes slightly contaminated) sand is no pleasure, so a not too heavy blanket or towel should hit the bottom of your bag. Also take a separate towel to wipe yourself after leaving the water.

For convenience when lounging in the sun, you can take a pillow that you put under your head. It’s worth taking sunglasses. You can take a book or magazines to take time. Crosswords are a good way to get bored.


 For the water

Being on the lake you must not go into the water at least once. After bathing, you can play water Polo companions or swim on the mattress. If you like fishing, bring fishing equipment with you. You can also take advantage of the offer of local water equipment rentals and make a round around the lake on a pedalo. However, you must have small money for this.

The basic prop during a trip to the lake is a swimsuit. When it’s hot outside, bring something to wear with your headgear (baseball caps and brim hats work best). It’s good to have flip flops on your feet.

 Necessary cosmetics

With hygiene accessories and cosmetics you can not forget: comb, suntan oil, after tanning lotion, mosquito repellent and tissues.

A trip to the lake almost always means some adventure. Equip yourself with binoculars, a flashlight, matches and a penknife. Don’t forget about the provision, always have some fruit, drink or possibly prepared meal in your bag.

 Remember the garbage

After completing the bath and collecting the things back into the bag, you need to get dressed – so bring dry clothes that you wear before leaving the beach. Your trip will probably end before evening – so take a thin sweater with you to protect your sun-warmed body from the chill wind. You can capture the whole trip to the lake in the pictures – don’t forget about the camera! And of course, clean up after yourself. Take away the garbage so that the next day it is clean.

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