Where to go on holidays in Poland?

Nowadays, holidays abroad are available to the average Pole, but holidays in Poland are still an attraction. Following fashion, we travel the world chasing exoticism, but we forget that we can spend a wonderful vacation not only abroad. Poland is a beautiful country with various landscape values ​​and many tourist attractions, as our foreign neighbors know.

So where can you find a place to vacation in Poland?

Many of us can not imagine a holiday without the sun-heated beach and refreshing sea baths giving refreshment in hot weather. Spending holidays at the Polish seaside has again become popular. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not so expensive, and the climate is unique. Recommended places are: Kołobrzeg, Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje, Mielno, Darłówko and Ustka.

You don’t have to convince anyone that a trip to the mountains can be a very attractive event. Zakopane is probably the most popular place and who has never got there should be sure to look there, go to Krupówki, Giewont or Morskie Oko. However, the mountains are not only Zakopane. There are also many attractions in the Pieniny. The most important is rafting down the Dunajec, the majestic Three Crowns to climb and the magnificent Czorsztyn Lake, whose shores are guarded by two castles: in Czorsztyn and in Niedzica.

The Bieszczady are the ideal perspective for a calming, relaxing holiday in the wild. Regardless of whether we dream of long trips through the vast pastures, horse riding or sailing, fishing and resting at the Solina Lake, everyone will find something for themselves.

It is hard not to mention Masuria – magnificent lakes, wild forests, beautiful views attract crowds of tourists. Recommended places for holidays in Poland are also Kaszuby with wonderful Bory Tucholskie and kayaking.

Many lovers will also find the Lublin region. It is a land of wild swamps, fields, forests and above all small but very clean lakes. Here you can relax both in the silence of the forest and among the crowds visiting Lake Białe – the most popular lake in the region.

Of course, this is not all that we can boast about, “our beautiful Poland is all over”. In our country there are many beautiful, interesting and rich in natural and cultural values ​​of places. So instead of spending money on foreign resorts, we can go on holiday in Poland and visit one of our unknown corners of our homeland.

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