10 tips for tourists – how to avoid risk

I present 10 tips for tourists. Thanks to this, every holiday trip will be pure pleasure. Most problems can be avoided by proper preparation.

Tips for tourists
Tips for tourists
  1. When booking a place in a place (regardless of whether it is a farm stay or a five-star hotel), it is best to make a reservation as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure when and whether you are going to a given holiday site at all, you can always call / send an email asking about accommodation and dates when there are free places. In addition, no matter how early you book your seat, it is always better to call again two weeks before departure and confirm your intention to arrive.
  2. When going on a bicycle expedition (Podlasie is simply created for such expeditions), always prepare in advance for equipment for possible repairs and maintenance (spare inner tubes, pump, appropriate keys, bicycle grease), as well as a mini first aid kit and a good map or even a set of maps (not to mention the cell phone and money). Before the expedition, it is also good to conduct a bike inspection service, preferably under the supervision of a specialist. However, if we only want to ride recreationally on visited sites, we can always use the services of bike rentals, then some of the above advice loses its importance.
  3. When we want to spend a holiday (even short) in a tent, then we will try to find out as much as possible about the camping sites at the destination. If you do not like crowds and would like to put our tent somewhere in a remote area, then you should consult our intention with the owner of the plot. Contrary to appearances, civilization has already arrived in Podlasie, so we won’t find any man’s land here. It is also worth knowing if there are any stray dogs wandering around and whether the area is not protected by law. Regardless of any factors, we should always behave culturally and not make our place a waste dump.
  4. Vacation by the water is a great thing, and swimming is a great form of active recreation. However, when going on such a holiday we always first make sure that the bathing area we choose is safe. Let’s not forget that the double bottom, vortices and sudden falls are common in Polish (and therefore Podlasie) rivers or water reservoirs. Let’s also remember that those who can swim are most often drowned.
  5. When planning a vacation on a bike, we can set a destination for a place even very far from our home. This is favored by trains, which enables the transport of bicycles in special rail cars. It is enough to buy an additional bicycle ticket and you can even go to the other end of Poland. Of course, trains with bicycle carriages go to all major towns in Podlasie. Before a trip, however, you need to make sure that the train we choose has a bicycle car, because we may have to wait a few hours for the next one.
  6. The forest grows long and burns quickly.
  7. Often on our way we can come across unique places omitted in guidebooks (old mills, charming river valleys and the like) that are on someone’s private property. The fact that the object is not publicly available to tourists does not mean that we have to do with taste. People in Podlasie are very open and cordial, willingly allow us to visit their property, maybe even tell some interesting facts about it. There is only one condition – always (if possible) we ask politely for permission. This way opens up many possibilities.
  8. Planning independent holidays, especially for young people is an adventure, challenge, learning independence and responsibility. If we are under 18 and we want to go on vacation away from home, we should remember to have at least one adult with us. I am not saying that this is responsible, because often people below the adulthood limit have more brains in their mind than adults. However, an adult is necessary to stay in a hotel or hostel, and they only ask us for proof on the spot, so let’s not be under the false impression that one phone or e-mail is able to do everything.
  9. Holidays, regardless of how detailed our calculations are, can always cost unexpectedly more than we planned. Accommodation can become more expensive at the last minute, we can find something unique on the market stall that we suddenly want to have, or we may be forced to pay for any damage caused by us. It is always better to take more money with you in such situations. If unexpected expenses arise, we will be prepared for them, and if they do not appear, then we will have the satisfaction of a few saved zlotys in the wallet.
  10. Beautiful sunny weather is conducive to spending time outdoors. Let’s remember, however, regardless of whether we sunbathe by the water or traverse Podlasie roads by bike, protect our skin against the sun’s rays. The sun is good for both our health and appearance, but let’s not forget about moderation. Let’s always have sun oil with the right filter, which we use whenever we go out into the open for a long time. It is also good to have something to relieve burns in case we forget to use the first specifics.

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