Zegrzyńskie Lake – great conditions for sport

Zegrzyńskie Lake

Zegrzyńskie Lake also called Zegrzyński Reservoir is located in the Warsaw Valley. The lake covers the backwaters of the Narew and Bug rivers and is an ideal holiday destination not only in summer. Zegrzyńskie Lake extends from the town of Dębie up to Pułtusk.

Zegrzyńskie Lake
Zegrzyńskie Lake

Natural conditions

Zegrzyńskie Lake has a connection with Warsaw thanks to the Żerań Canal. This means that the picturesque areas of Zegrzyński Lake constitute a communication route connecting the Masurian Lakes and the Narew and Bug basins with the Vistula. The reservoir was created after dividing the Narew by the dam in Dębe. A 20 MW hydropower plant was built on the dam, which is of great importance for the entire energy system in Poland. The lake’s capacity is estimated at over 90 million cubic meters of water. However, the entire area of ​​the Zegrze Reservoir after over 3000 hectares.

Zegrzyńskie Lake due to its very favorable natural conditions and water purity is an ideal place to relax. The surrounding towns on the picturesque areas of the Zegrze Reservoir have become a natural tourist base for Warsaw. The surroundings of Zegrzyński Lake are surrounded by numerous resorts and modern guest houses offering comfortable conditions for the arriving tourists. Zegrzyński Lagoon has excellent conditions for water sports such as sailing, canoeing and windsurfing. Numerous sailing schools in the vicinity of the reservoir are conducive to water sports on Lake Zegrzyński. Every year, regatta events are organized to unite many supporters of water madness.

Clear water in the lake

Zegrzyński Lagoon is clean and relatively shallow, which is why it is an arcade for fishing enthusiasts. The waters of Lake Zegrzyński include carp, pike, zander and breams. Most fisheries are located at the very mouth of the Narew, Bug and also around the dam in Dębem. The lake’s natural conditions make it an excellent place for rest and recreation. Water lovers and fishing enthusiasts will spend nice time at Lake Zegrzyński.

Extensive infrastructure for everyone

The infrastructure at the lake is very extensive. This is the influence of a large city nearby. We find here both intimate new resorts and those that have their glory years behind them. There are also modern hotels nearby, some even five-star. In addition to the accommodation base, there is an extensive gastronomic offer. There are simple fish fry, cheap tourist bars and elegant restaurants with a view of the water. And of course you can’t forget about the infrastructure for water sports enthusiasts. And here is everything: several marinas for boats, windsurfing and kitesurfing rentals and schools.

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