Lake Świętajno Narckie and Lake Brajnickie

Lake Świętajno Narckie and Lake Brajnickie are so close to each other that they cannot be described separately. In the village of Warchały, which lies between them, the distance between the lakes is about 200 meters. Also, people who will come here will have a problem with determining which lake they are actually at. These areas are very conducive to tourism. The neighborhood is beautiful and the access is good.

Lake Świętajno Narckie and Lake Brajnickie

The lakes are located in the Jedwabno commune in the Olsztyn Lakeland. The best access is via the national road No. 58 connecting Szczytno and Olsztynek. The village of Warchały is situated between the lakes. It has a typically tourist character. Most of the buildings were built for the needs of tourists. South of the village there is a third lake – it is called like the village – Warchały Lake. However, its tourist use is less. However, the larger town is Narty, which is located on the southern shore of Lake Świętajno. Also Brajniki has an offer for tourists.

Świętajno Narckie Lake has an area of ​​175 hectares. The maximum depth is 30 meters and the average depth is 11. The bottom and coastal parts of the lake are hard – sandy or gravel-sand, without any major mud deposits. The coastal shoal on the west side is long and gradually slopes towards the center of the lake, and shorter at the higher shores. The lake was classified to the 1st class of cleanliness.

The emerged vegetation is not very abundant. The reeds form a narrow strip almost along the entire length of the shoreline, only on the southern shore the rushes and common reeds grow more densely. Species of fish that are easy to catch on it are whitefish and whitefish, also pike, perch, bream, tench, roach and silver bream predominate. You can rarely catch an eel or carp.

Lake Brajnickie is 186 hectares large. The maximum depth is 5.2 meters and the average depth is 2.8 meters. As the lake is shallow, it was used as a carp breeding pond for many years. Now it is generally available. Almost the entire length of the shoreline, it is covered with vegetation, so it is an attraction mainly for anglers. The lake is a rope-pike type. The water is brown in color, but it is clear. Sometimes in summer there are very large blooms of phytoplankton. In the middle of the lake, the bottom is quite hard. Large stones lying on the bottom, sunken trees and underwater meadows covering the bottom are ideal fishing grounds for many species of fish. Fishing is here for: large carp, tench, eels and pike, as well as perch. The surrounding lakes are looked after by the Masovian District of the Polish Angling Association

Lake Świętajno Narckie and Lake Brajnickie is a perfect place for people relaxing by the water due to its cleanliness and high transparency. The surrounding towns provide an excellent base for people planning a rest, be it with family or friends. There are many cottages and rooms for rent. There are also resorts and a hotel. During the season, many fish fryers and lunch bars are also opened. There is also a windsurfing school and a diving base.

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