Dadaj Lake

Dadaj Lake is located in the Olsztyn Lakeland. We can find them halfway between Olsztyn and Mrągowo. It is at the intersection of the national road No. 16, which can be reached from Ostróda, Olsztyn or Olsztynek, and the national road No. 57 leading from Pułtusk to Bartoszyce. The largest town in the area is the city of Biskupiec. However, there is no main tourist destination on the lake itself.

Dadaj Lake, author: Mkulikowski, CCBY4.0 license
Dadaj Lake, author: Mkulikowski, CCBY4.0 license

The area of ​​Lake Dadaj is large. It amounts to 1002 hectares. The maximum depth is 39.8 meters and the average is 12 meters. The coastline is strongly developed. In the southern part there is a large and long bay. In the north, the bay is smaller, circular and has a narrow entrance. The bottom is undulating, with numerous hills, sand and gravel, muddy in bays. The reservoir is sparsely overgrown, the uneven vegetation covers the shoreline unevenly in rare clusters. There are 15 islands on the lake, the largest of which has an area of ​​15 hectares and a bridge leads to it. Biesowa Struga, Czerwonka and Dymer flow into the lake, while the Dadaj River flows out, going further to Lake Tumiańskie and Lake Pisz.

Two beaches are available to the public: in the southern part of the village of Wilimy and in Rukławki. Both are small and do not have the character of mass tourism. These are rather intimate places. Apart from them, there are many agritourism lodgings with their own descent into the water or a pier for anglers. The main tourist lane begins in Kojtryny, through Nasy, Rukławki to Najdymowo on the eastern shore. You can look for accommodation in the west in Wilimy.

Dadaj Lake tempts with hotels, tourist centers, numerous agritourism, guest houses, campsites, jetties and beaches. Active people can rent water equipment here to admire the charms of Warmian lands from sailing boats or canoes. Those who come here in winter can practice ice sailing on ice yachts (in 2005, the World and European Junior Ice Sailing Championships in DN and Ice Optimist classes were held here) or can “warm up” our lake with the walruses who every weekend invite you to take a bath together.

Fish species that can be caught in Dadaj Lake are: pike, perch, zander, bream, roach and whitefish. The varied coastline is conducive to fishing. To the west, the shores are forested. It is a lake rich in various species of fish, but you need to get to know this reservoir to catch large fish. However, there is no problem for even those inexperienced and less demanding anglers to catch something less impressive in the pan. The host of the lake is the Olsztyn Fisheries and Angling Farm. Permits can be purchased, among others, in Wilimy and Biskupiec. Dadaj Lake is one of the best perch fisheries in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. Pike and eels are the most numerous in the southern part of the lake, at the outflow of the Dadaj river. Dadaj is also a good fishery for white fish that are best caught on corn or white worms after being fed.

Dadaj Lake is a beautiful large lake close to Olsztyn. There is a good infrastructure for sunbathing, relaxing and fishing. There is so much water that you can safely sail on a sailboat or motorboat. Here you can relax and recharge your batteries.

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