Lake Maróz

Lake Maróz is located both on the main roads of Masuria and on the sidelines. It is located in the southern part of the Olsztyn Lake District between the S7 expressway and the national road number 58. At the same time, the lake is almost completely surrounded by forest. At its northern end there is the village of Swaderki, but it is concentrated around fishing, not tourism. Here is the seat of the Swaderki Fisheries Farm, which leases the surrounding lakes. There are ponds where fry are kept, as well as a processing plant, a fish shop and a fry shop.

Lake Maróz
Lake Maróz

The lake occupies a glacial trough with a typical course in these parts – from north to south. It also has a large bay at the southern end. The lake is large, 332 hectares large and 5580 meters long. The maximum depth is 41 meters and the average depth is 12 meters. The water is very clean. There is no industry or a larger town in the area. The Marózka river flows through the lake and is available to canoeists. Sailing south we get to Lake Mielno, and north, turning into the Swaderki Canal to Lake Płuszne Wielkie.

Lake Maróz is famous for the possibility of resting in silence in the forest. The village of Waplewo stands out here a bit, with two holiday resorts. Rewita in particular has a very large tourist capacity. There are pitches for team games, indoor swimming pools, a hotel complex, cottages and a well-kept beach. The whole thing is overgrown with large trees. North of the resort is a public grassy beach. The former Poligrafów Holiday Center is located in the village of Marózek. It is currently in private hands. It is a large cottage complex among trees. In turn, at the northern end of the lake, by the road, there is a campsite, where you can pitch a tent or put a camper.

The lessee of Lake Maróz is the Fishing Farm Szwaderki Spółka z o.o. Permits can be purchased in nearby Szwaderki or in fishing shops in Olsztyn and Nidzica, as well as via the Internet. Fish species: pikeperch, perch, eel, bream, roach, perch, pike and others, including whitefish. The shallow bays on the west shore and a strip of reeds to the east of the lake are thought to be the best places to fish for quiet feeding. The best places to catch predatory fish are: the area around the islet and the peninsulas. Although the lake does not have the best opinion among anglers, there are times when you can fish well. It may happen that you buy more fish fried at the bar than you catch. In addition to fishing values, you can find here excellent conditions for a family holiday in peace and quiet.

Lake Maróz is a beautiful and clean reservoir hidden in a forest thicket. It is a good place to relax in houses or in a tent away from the crowds. Access is good due to the proximity of the expressway, and at the same time there are no larger towns in the vicinity.

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