Leleskie Lake

Leleskie Lake is situated in the heart of the Olsztyn Lak District in the Pasym commune. The national road No. 53, which connects Olsztyn and Szczytno, runs along the southern shore of the lake. The distance from the lake shore to Pasym is about one kilometer. The main tourist destination is Leleszki situated on the southern shore. However, in many places there are recreational areas built up with private holiday plots.

Leleskie Lake
Leleskie Lake

The lake is quite big. The water surface area is 423 hectares. The maximum depth is almost 50 meters. The lake is elongated from east to west and consists of two reservoirs: eastern – larger and western – smaller. The shores of the basin are alternately flat or steep, the area is hilly. The bottom of the lake is sandy and muddy in places. Very varied with numerous hills and depths. In shallower parts overgrown with submerged vegetation. There are nympheids in the bays – yellow water lily, white water lily and floating frogs. Invasive aloe vera serum also appears. In the western part there is an outflow leading through Lake Kiepunek to Lake Kalwa. Many sources say that you can pass this route in a canoe, but you shouldn’t count on it, because the water level is low and the stream is very overgrown.

Leleskie Lake does not have an extensive hotel base. There is one camping site and many agritourism accommodation. Moreover, in Leleszki and Elganów there are areas intended for recreational plots. In Leleszki, the lake is easily accessible. There is a path along the bank that is convenient for pedestrians and cyclists. The places where you can enter the water are small and rather private. On the camping site (on the eastern shore), you can rent kayaks and pedal boats during the season. The lake’s attractiveness is due to its clear water. According to research from 2013, the lake is first-class clean. However, surveys are not regular as there is no public bathing area here. The clean water in this deep lake is appreciated by divers. Diving camps have been organized here for many years.

The lessee of the lake is Kompania Mazurska Sp. Z o.o. based in Pasym. There you can also buy a fishing permit. Stock management is based on coregonids, i.e. whitefish and whitefish, and predatory fish, mainly pike. The lake is of the whitefish type. Mainly found here are: whitefish, bream, roach, perch, pike, eel. Unfortunately, the lake is moderately rich in fish.

A local legend from the beginning of the 16th century is connected with Lake Leleskie. This legend tells about a greedy governor on behalf of Frederick Saski who managed the lands around Lake Leleskie. He banned the fishermen who had the right to fish in your lakes for their own table. After punishing fishermen who did not comply, it turned out that no fish had fallen into the governor’s net. Suspecting witchcraft, the governor resorted to the help of an executioner who tried to extract testimony from nearby women, a diver to check for fish in the lake, and a witch who was to undo the evil spell, but it did not help. The final punishment met the governor while hunting. The bear frightened his horse, which carried him straight into the lake where he drowned. The next day it was discovered that dead fish floated on the surface of the lake in the lake. This year there was not a single fish in the lake, but then, as before, they appeared in abundance.

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