Skorzęcin – Niedzięgiel Lake – Ibiza of Wielkopolska

Skorzęcin is a small village in the Witkowo commune in Greater Poland. Probably it would not be known, if it were not for a huge holiday complex in its area between Lake Niedzięgiel and Lake Białe. The complex covers 41 hectares, and with the adjacent private land 52 hectares. It is one of the largest resorts in Poland and the largest in the voivodeship. In total, there are 6,000 beds.

Skorzęcin Pier. Photo Witkowo Commune Office
Skorzęcin Pier. Photo Witkowo Commune Office

Access to Lake Niedzięgiel

Getting to Lake Niedzięgiel seems good. But only on the map. First, you need to get to Witkowo, which is located on the provincial road No. 260 connecting Gniezno with the national road No. 92 in Wólka. A road leads from Witkowo to the lake through Chłądowo and Skorzęcin. Entrance to the complex is paid and depends on the length of stay. The fee is collected on the spot by the commune and allocated it to cover the cleaning costs. Getting there on Friday evening can be troublesome, and the kilometer-long traffic jams are very real. On the other hand, Sunday evenings are a guaranteed road nightmare. Congestion occurs especially in Witków, where the road from Skorzęcin joins the road from Lake Powidzkie.

Niedzięgiel Lake

Niedziążiel Lake is quite large. It has an area of ​​637 hectares. The average depth is 5.5 meters and the maximum depth is 21.6 meters. The coastline is well developed. There are numerous bays as well as several islands. The shores are low and the western ones are marshy, the northern ones are forested, and the others are covered with a small strip of vegetation with which there are fields. The lake is quite well developed in terms of tourism. Of course, the main center is Skorzęcin, but tourists can choose the less crowded Wylatkowo. Objectively, the main advantage of the lake is its crystal clear water. According to recent measurements, it is of the first class of cleanliness.

Beach attractions

The main attraction that Skorzęcin offers is a huge sandy beach. It is 25 to 50 meters wide and about 550 meters long. It is perfect for children and adults as the bottom sinks very slowly. The Plaza, of course, is guarded by a team of lifeguards. There is also a pier with a promenade that cuts far into the water. In addition, in Skorzęcin, there is a funfair, bicycle rental and extensive shopping and dining facilities. Sports lovers can play football, handball, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. Water equipment rentals operating in the resort give you the opportunity to improve your skills in water sports.

Skorzęcin - a holiday center on Lake Niedzięgiel. Author: Pawelbalaga, CCBY 3.0 license
Skorzęcin – a holiday center on Lake Niedzięgiel. Author: Pawelbalaga, CCBY 3.0 license

Skorzęcin resort – party nights

In the evening, the atmosphere remains hot, the streets and central square are full. Beers, drinks, juices, dancing, changing clothes and people want to have fun right away. DJs start their music in the open air, where crowds gather and play with them. The curfew is from 24-6. It is worth mentioning that before such restrictions were introduced, the music in the square was playing almost all night long. Today only in closed buildings. It was these evening parties, after a day of sunbathing, that caused this place to be called Ibiza. The crowds and party nature of Skorzęcin are difficult to compare with any other place. The number of young people is also huge. The Białe Lake in Okuninka is a comparable place. There, the entire lake is surrounded by tourist infrastructure, and young people also come for the weekend from all over the region.

Fish in Niedziążiel and Białe Lake

The leaseholder of both lakes is Jan Grzybowski Marek Grzybowski -Skorzęcin. A permit is required for fishing. You can buy them in Witków, Skorzęcin and in the holiday resort. Both lakes are stocked regularly, but unfortunately the manager derives his profit from the sale of fish, and not from the sale of fishing permits. For this reason, the lakes are regularly cleaned with nets and it is difficult to catch anything. There are also large perch and pike on the border of the protective dimension. You definitely have to go fishing outside the resort, because the noise scares fish away. For fishing from the pier, it is better to go to Wylatków.


Skorzęcin on Lake Niedzięgiel is a gigantic party. It is a place made for people who like to spend the day on a sandy beach and the evening at a party. Lovers of this form of rest will not be disappointed, because the place is unique.

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