Powidzkie Lake

Lake Powidzkie, located in the Gniezno Lake District, is the largest lake in Wielkopolska. This huge water reservoir is located in the Słupecki poviat in the Powidz commune. It is a gutter-type glacial lake. It is long and relatively narrow. It consists of two parts. One runs from south to north and the other goes further northeast. Additionally, in the vicinity of Przybrodzin, it is joined by a short canal with Lake Powidzkie Mały. The lake has 1174 hectares. The average depth is 12 meters and the maximum depth is 47 meters. In the central and southern parts, the banks are built-up or border fields. The northern part is covered with forest. In general, the lake is largely developed for tourists. This is due to its size and the fact that the water is first-class clean and very clear. At a depth of 5 meters, you can see the bottom of the lake with crampons walking on it.

Powidzkie Lake
Powidzkie Lake

When going to the lake, it is best to head to Powidz. At least in the beginning. To get there from the A2 motorway, take the Słupca junction and go through Słupca to Strzałkowo. There, the signs lead towards Powidz. The easiest access is from Gniezno, which has a bypass in the form of the S5 expressway. The provincial road no. 260 leads from this town towards Powidz. In Witków you have to turn towards Powidz. The entire lake is surrounded by a network of local roads that allow you to circle the reservoir. The most important tourist towns are Powidz, Przybrodzin, Kosewo and Giewartów.

It was formed many thousands of years ago as a result of the work of a retreating ice sheet. Thanks to this, it has a very varied coastline with many bays. It is appreciated by sailors, windsurfers, kayakers and anglers. Along the shores of the lake there are beaches, piers and centers with water equipment rentals, restaurants and accommodation for all budgets. Up to 10,000 people can relax at the Powidz Lake at the same time. You can rent canoes, sailboats, as well as pedal boats and other floating equipment (without combustion engines). The beaches are generally available in Powidz (Dzika Plaza, beach at the Sports and Recreation Center, Plaza at Jeziorna Street) in Przybrodzin, in Anastazewo and in Giewartów. In addition, many holiday centers and guesthouses have their own access to water.

There are more and more sailors, but the water is not crowded, because the lake is very large. Whoever comes here does not want to change the reservoir for another. The surface of the lake will still accommodate many sailing boats. It is visited by both amateurs of resting on the boat, amateurs of swimming in strong western winds and those who want to try their hand at racing. The tradition of Lake Powidzkie is the weekly regatta always held in a different bay. There are many families who come here from far away just to swim into the waves of the lake at sunrise, catch fish and prepare breakfast away from civilization.

The host of Powidzkie Lake is the Barrakuda Fishing Farm. Permits can be purchased in Ostrów, Giewartów, Powidz and the Hotel Moran. The species of fish found in the lake are mainly whitefish, pike, perch, tench, crucian carp, catfish, bream, eel, roach, rudd and silver bream. The water in the lake is very clean and abundant in underwater vegetation, hills, sharp slopes and shallow waters. The lake is very varied for fishing. For anglers, the southern part of the lake is more interesting. The water is famous for large pikes that are caught here regularly. Lake Powidzkie also has its curiosity. Rainbow trout are caught here from time to time, and there are even fish weighing two kilograms. The lake is a quiet zone and motor boats cannot be used.

Lake Powidzkie is an excellent destination for tourists. It is so big that sailors will not be bored. Anglers will be delighted because fish grow large and healthy in clean waters. Beach-goers will also find something for themselves. Both those looking for silence off the beaten track and those looking for a promenade vibrant with life on the very shore of the water.

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