Lake Sasek Wielki

How to get to Lake Sasek Wielki

Sasek Wielki Lake is the largest lake in the Mrągowski Lake District. The lake is situated in the triangle of national roads connecting Olsztyn, Szczytno and Biskupiec. From Gdańsk, the best access is via the express road to Olsztyn and then along the national road No. 53 towards Szczytno. From Warsaw, you can take the S7 expressway to Olszytnek and then the S51 to Olsztyn, or you can choose the national road 57 through Maków Mazowiecki, Przasnysz and Szczytno. The main tourist centers are Pieces, Kobyłocha, Trelkówko and Dąbrowa. That’s where it’s worth going.

Lake Sasek Wielki
Lake Sasek Wielki

The lake is quite big. Its area is 870 hectares. The maximum depth is 38 meters and the average depth is 8 meters. The lake has shallow shores especially in the south and north. This is due to its gutter nature. The lake is arranged longitudinally. It is widest in the middle. And on its surface you can find two islands. The bottom of the lake has numerous shallows and depths, which is convenient for fish, but less interesting for tourists. The water meets the requirements for the 3rd class of purity.

Accommodation at Lake Sasek Wielki

The lake is well accessible to tourists. Most of the shores are surrounded by meadows, fields and forests. Piece is a village that is often chosen by Lake Sasek Wielki. It’s perfectly connected, but it’s the end of the lake so mules gather here. There is only one small beach and the bottom is muddy. This is a place for those who are looking for a place by the lake, but also plan to go to the surroundings. Driving further along the eastern shore of the lake, you can meet Kobyłowo and Trelkówka. The beaches in these places are much friendlier. There are piers and wider sandy beaches. As it is the widest in the central part of the lake, the water here is clearer.

The southern and eastern shores of Lake Sasek Wielki are well used for tourism. Here, small holiday centers and cottages for tourists dominate. It is undoubtedly a lake for people who expect peace and quiet in the bosom of nature, away from large centers and crowds. It is different in the west. Here forests and wild beaches dominate. The entire lake and the surrounding rivers are eagerly used by canoeists.

Sasek Wielki Lake – fish

The lake is leased by the Polish Angling Association, Mazowiecki District. Fishing is authorized by the paid regional fee for lowland waters. The lake is of the whitefish type. The most common fish you can count on are bream, roach, pike, perch. The lake is a quiet zone, so motorboats cannot be used.


Sasek Wielki Lake is a perfect place for anglers and for those who want to rest in silence. The water quality is good and the lack of industry allows you to relax away from the city and crowds.

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