Mrągów Lake District

Mrągowo is a unique place, in the Natural and architectural terms. There are unusual monuments. Tourists arriving over the lake Mrągów have a great choice in activity, as it is one of the best-developed tourist regions of Poland.

Mrągów Lake District
Mrągów Lake District

Lake district Mrągów is a part of the Masurian Lake District and in short, it is the closest area around the Mrągowo. It is distinctive because it has a humb shape and rises more than neighbouring mesoregions. There are many cracks on this throat that filled with water and formed lakes. Although these lakes are slightly less in these areas, but the region makes up for interesting sights and still is successful among tourists.

Recreation will be provided to us guest houses and accommodation located on the Lakes: Gielądzkie, Karwie, Dobrzynek, Wągiel, Salęt. The mushroom will not gather too many interesting specimens, because the Mrągowskie Lake District is characterized by a small afforestation. Meadows and farmland are a common landscape.

Arriving In this area it is worth to go to the same Mrągowa, Kosewa (Deer Farm), Sorkwit (Neo-Gothic palace) and Piecek (Museum of Folk Art).

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