Lake Nielisz – the reservoir on the Wieprz River

Lake Nielisz is an artificial water reservoir built on the Wieprz River in the Nielisz commune. It is located about 15 kilometers from Zamość. The simplest access route leads from Zamość by provincial road No. 837 to Nielisz. However, you can get to the lake from almost all sides. For example, from Szczebrzeszyn from the national road No. 74. However, the most attractive road from Lublin leads through Krzczonów and Żółkiewka. The Nielisz Center provides all the necessary services. As it is a communal town, it is a health center, pharmacy, shops and a market place.

Lake Nielisz - Moczydło beach, photo: Nielisz Commune Office
Lake Nielisz – Moczydło beach, photo: Nielisz Commune Office

Construction of the reservoir

The construction of the reservoir began in 1994, although it was planned from the 1960s. The tank was put into operation on December 31, 2008. So it took 14 years to build. It seems a long time, but compared to other construction sites of this type in Poland, it is a record time and in line with the plan. The front dam is 845 meters long. The water level is 8.58 meters. The water surface area is 888 hectares, and the total area is 1060 hectares. On the dam there is a hydroelectric power plant equipped with a Kaplan turbine. The power of the power plant is 362 kW. The construction cost was PLN 53.3 million.

Lake Nielisz was built mainly for flood protection and as a reservoir of drinking water. However, people like them very much because of the tourist value. Since its opening, the lake has been eagerly visited by anglers, but in 2014 the commune built a first-class bathing area – Moczydło. The beach is located on the eastern shore about halfway along the lake. There are car parks on the street (payable). The descent to the beach leads along a wide ankle promenade. The beach itself is wide and large. It is covered with sand. In the period from the beginning of June to the end of August, from 10am to 6pm, the beach is guarded by a team of lifeguards. There are eateries by the beach, offering typical fast food, but also regional dishes, such as dumplings with cheese and buckwheat. Most of the houses in Nielisz offer accommodation in agritourism farms. It is similar in all the villages near the lake. There is also a hotel in the village with direct access to the water.

Nielisz Lake for sailors

The lagoon is very popular with sailors. At the end of July, a regatta for the Cup of the Head of the Nielisz Commune is held here. During this time there are commune days, which are accompanied by numerous events such as concerts, missions or fishing competitions. The events take place in the center of the village and around the dam. There is a small marina at the Moczydło beach, but it is adapted to launching even medium-sized yachts. The entrance to the water is comfortable and paved, and the staff is there to help. There is also a windsurfing school and a water equipment rental at the beach.

Nielisz Lake – fish

The Nielisz Lagoon is clean, fed by the waters of the Por and Wieprz rivers. Because of this, the water is cooler and the bottom is muddy. The fish that occur here are crucian carp, tench, pike, catfish, zander and carp. In June 2019, Jarosław Gromadzki has caught a pike here, 125 centimeters long and weighing over 20 kilograms. The fish was released. You can use motor boats on the lake. The host is the Polish Angling Association, Zamość District. A fishing license is required for fishing. You can drive around the reservoir by car and find a perfect and quiet place for fishing. Beach-goers usually do not bother, as they focus on the soapy beach or hotel beaches.

Lake Nielisz - fishing
Lake Nielisz – fishing

Lake Nielisz is a paradise for fishermen and sailors from the Lublin Province. Those who are too far to Masuria should definitely come here and see the largest lake in the Lublin region. It is beautiful and peaceful here.

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