Masuria – a fantastic land

Masuria is usually not the first destination for the holidays. When vacation time comes, usually thoughts focused on large, well-known cities in Poland and even better in the world come to mind. Many people, especially from the countryside, are thinking about vacationing in the big world, in big cities, where entertainment is not lacking. At least, that’s how I gained experience and I hear from people how it is. Last year, however, we decided to spend a slightly different time. We focused on contact with nature. We live in a big city. Everyone probably knows what chaos reigns there. We needed peace after a whole year of money racing. Work has exhausted us.

Masuria - a fantastic land
Masuria – a fantastic land

During a two-week vacation we stayed in Mikołajki. We chose an unpopular hotel, although Gołębiewski was known to choose from, but due to the fact that it is usually crowded there, we decided to choose another accommodation. Masuria is above all beautiful lakes. There is a reason why it is said that it is a land of lakes. The Mikołajskie Lake is beautiful, but due to the fact that we had a bit more time, we decided to visit several places. In Mikołajki, it is impossible to get bored during the summer. You can lie on the beach and sunbathe, swim in the lake, but also experience a slightly different entertainment, namely the Sailing Village and its offer. We were there because it is one of the most interesting places in this region of Masuria. We had the opportunity to cross the ship. It was so small but modern. It was fantastic when we arrived from the port. We swam something like an hour, so we had a fantastic adventure.

Due to the fact that it was supposed to be a holiday full of impressions, sightseeing and rest, we went to Reszel one day for the whole day. There, we visited a beautiful castle, which was rebuilt again in the nineteenth century. Apparently, it was already quite badly damaged, partly burned, but after reconstruction it makes a great impression. I like such monuments. In another day we went to Gierłoż. This is the place where we had the opportunity to see the truest bunkers in the world. In total there were over 80 permanent and over 100 wooden. There was a lot to explore.

Everything looked quite scary, but it’s worth it. We also visited Giżycko. A very nice, small town with an equally beautiful lake. There is a beautiful large bridge that you can take a walk on a beautiful summer day. It makes a very big impression. It is worth immortalizing it in photographs. We spent the rest of the days only in Mikołajki. We had the opportunity to dine in tasty restaurants. Finally we ate good fish. We even had the opportunity to go fishing. We really rested fantastic. Mosquitoes bit us a bit, but it wasn’t bad. A trip to Masuria is one of the best holidays in my life.

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