Lake Gielądzkie

How to get to Lake Gielądzkie

Lake Gielądzkie is located in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in the Sorkwity commune. The lake is part of the Mrągowo Lake District. Similarly to the neighboring Lake Lampackie, the access is good and leads along the national road No. 16 from Olsztyn to Mrągowo. There is a connection between watercourses and neighboring lakes here. This route is part of the Krutynia Canoe Trail. You can drive around the lake by car, but in places the road goes away from the shore.

The lake is 475 hectares large, the average depth is 6.8 meters, and the maximum depth is 27 meters. It has an oblong meridional shape. There are seven islands on the lake, including Ostrów Wielki. One of the peninsulas, located in the eastern part, is called Wróbelki. In the past, on one of the islands on the lake covered with subcontinental oak-hornbeam forest near the village of Pustnik, there was a colony of cormorants and herons, but as a result of the felling of trees in 1986, and the shooting in 1988, all birds were chased away.

Lake Gielądzkie
Lake Gielądzkie

Accommodation and tourism by the lake

Compared to the neighboring water reservoirs, Lake Gielądzkie has a rich tourist offer. First of all, the village of Sorkwity is located on the southern shore. There are several guesthouses and agritourism farms here. In the village you will also find a post office, church, shops, bars and restaurants, and a pharmacy. There is also a small village beach with a large pier. The beach is covered with grass. Another interesting town is Stary Gieląd, from which the lake took its name. This is where the road on the western side of the lake leads. This village is dominated by rental houses and agritourism farms. You can find accommodation here on a plot with direct access to water. Going further north you can reach Pustniki, where there is another grassy village beach, guesthouses and agritourism farms. Further on, the road moves away from the water a little, but leads to the northern end of the lake to the village of Bałowo. Here again you can find agritourism farms and guesthouses on the very shore of the lake. There is another tourist destination on the eastern shore – Młynik. There are holiday centers and agritourism farms here, as well as two publicly accessible grass beaches. Almost the entire eastern shore is forested. It’s a good place for a bike or mushroom picking.

Lake Gielądzkie – fish

The lake is large and deep so it would seem to be a great place for anglers. However, it is moderately overgrown with reeds, the bottom is hard and only muddy in places. The lake is managed by the Fish Farm in Mrągowo, which sells fishing permits. For many years, anglers have been encouraged to come here, but a fishing farm catches all the larger fish with its nets, so only small specimens are left for anglers. There are bream, tench, roach, zander and pike here. The eels are only theoretically.


Lake Gielądzkie guarantees relaxation in silence. There are many guesthouses here and you can count on the view from the window straight onto the lake. Here you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of cities and everyday work. You can also fish, but for recreational rather than culinary purposes.

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