Iława Lake District

Iława Lake District is mainly lakes: Jeziorak, Narie and Drwęckie Lake. In total, the lakes are one of the most interesting regions in the country. Arriving in these areas is worth a look to Iława, Morąg, Susz, Ostróda and Zalewo. You can also visit the Elbląski Canal, which is an interesting attraction.

Iława Lake District
Iława Lake District

Iława is mainly known for its islands Żuławy and the longest lake in Poland-Jeziorak. The area is 7 Nature Reserves and 2 landscaped parks. Tourists come Here mostly to relax on Lake Jeziorak-the tourist base is very Well developed.

Lakes in Iława Lake District

The axis of the Lake District Is the Vistula river and Drwęca, which are the border lines. For nature lovers The aforementioned reserve and landscape parks are waiting for you: Park The landscape of Iława Lake District (green lungs of Poland), reserve Nature Reserve, Lake Gaudy, Landscaped park Lake Czyste (water transparency up to 15 meters), Lake Karaś Nature Reserve (protected by the Ramsar Convention). Ramsar Convention on Wetlands), Lake Iłgi Nature Reserve, Hills landscape Park Dyleskie, natural Reserve French lake, Dylewo and nature Reserve River Drwęca.

Iława Lake District characterized by Diverse landscape. Close to 100 lakes, a wide range of vegetation, various Animal species, dense forests, among them virgin areas, all this makes That this relatively small land is a paradise for tourists. Beyond Wealth Natural flora and fauna of the Iława Lake District offers numerous attractions and gives Possibility of leisure in many ways. Well-marked hiking trails, Horseback riding, kayaking and sailing routes, sandy beaches, and all this In nature.

Unique channel Elbląski

The lakes and rivers of Iława Lake District, together with the world’s unique Elbląg canal, are an important area on the map of inland sailors. With five rallies, it was possible to compensate for the significant difference in levels between successive water tanks. Every year, passionate adventures are moving, which aim to get to the Baltic Sea.

Birds, mammals and fish

The Region is extremely clean. This makes your home There are many species of terrestrial animals: deer, roe deer, wild boar, fox, beaver Or wolf, and many species of birds such as cranes, eagle A white, a kite, a stork, a crossword duck and a heron. On the lakes there are many Ideal places for those who admire both plants and animals. Angler fishermen can catch fish like Amur, Jazgarz, carp, carp, Leszcz, Perch, Zhotch, catfish, pike or eel.

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