The Jeziorak Lake

The Jeziorak Lake in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship is one of the most beautiful parts of Poland. The natural assets of the lake and the tourist attractions of the city of Iława, on which lies the lake, brings together numerous tourists and supporters of beautiful views.

The Jeziorak Lake is the sixth largest and the longest lake in Poland. The Iława River flows out of the basin. The shoreline of the reservoir is very diverse, which means that the lake is never the same. The shores of the lake are usually high and therefore very steep. On the Jeziorak lake there are numerous bays and islands, of which there are several. The largest of them is Wielka Żuława, which is the largest inland island of Europe! The island is famous for the fact that in the 10th-11th century there was a stronghold of an Old Prussian ruler on it, which makes this place an unusual tourist attraction.

The Jeziorak Lake is located within the picturesque Landscape Park of the Iława Lake District. There are many nature reserves in the park and the beautiful views of forest vegetation are long remembered. Jeziorak belongs to very transparent lakes and together with the surrounding nature it is a rich collection of diverse vegetation as well as a habitat of various animal species. Herons and cormorants can be found on the shores of the reservoir, while deer, roe deer and wild boar feed deeper into the forest. Lake areas are also a habitat for wild and predatory birds. Supporters of communing with nature on the shores of Jeziorak will find peace and the desired silence that allows you to listen to the sounds of nature.

Jeziorak is a great place to spend your free time not only because of the beautiful landscapes and picturesque views. The location of the lake in Masuria, which is definitely one of the most beautiful parts of Poland, causes the tourist value of the reservoir to increase. At Lake Jeziorak there are excellent conditions for all water sports such as sailing. Fishing enthusiasts will also not be bored on the shores of the lake, because it abounds in many species of fish. On the shores of Jeziorak there are numerous holiday resorts and guesthouses that provide comfortable accommodation. Built-up and recreational areas occupy a significant part of the lake area. Recreation centers are available from almost every side of Jeziorak Lake, which ensures full comfort and satisfaction of numerous tourists visiting the reservoir.

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