Chełmińsko – Dobrzyskie Lake District

The Chełmińsko-Dobrzyskie Lake District is part of the South Baltic Lake District. People wishing to relax by the lake will surely have a chance to do so. The most popular visited by the inhabitants of this region are Bachotek and Lake Chełmzyńskie. In total, the lakes are 9% of the area of all lakes in Poland. Arriving in these areas it is worth to look to Toruń, Bydgoszcz, Inowrocław, Ciechocinek and Grudziądz. It is also worth to look into the Bydgoszcz forest, although the central (agricultural) part of the region is one of the least forested regions of the country.

Chełmińsko – Dobrzyskie Lake District
Chełmińsko – Dobrzyskie Lake District

Land Kujawska is known especially from healthy eating and a unique culture. The soils here are ferous, although the rain is much less than the national average. Tourists come here mainly to Toruń and Bydgoszcz, especially not are missing in the summer season. In addition, the region has clean lakes, which undoubtedly invites you to relax in this place.

Tourists will find here above all the sights of interesting romanesque architecture and reconstruction of battles (we recommend especially reconstructions of Polish-Teutonic battles at Plowce and at Koronowo).

The axis of the lake district is Wisła, flowing within the macro-region: Pradolina Toruńsko-Eberswaldzka and Dolina Dolna Wisła. 

The Chełmińsko-Dobrzyskie Lake District is considered to be the region with the lowest rainfall in the country. So there is a very good chance of a sunny lakeside holiday. 

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