Krasne Lake – one of the cleanest lakes in the Lublin Province

Lake Krasne is one of the cleanest lakes of the Lublin province. The water reservoir is located in the Łęczyńsko-Włodawskie Lake District within the picturesque Landscape Park of the Łęczyńskie Lake District. The beautiful natural conditions and the purity of the waters make Krasne Lake one of the lakes most visited by tourists in Poland.

Krasne Lake
Krasne Lake

The entire area of ​​Krasny Lake is over 70 hectares while the maximum depth of the reservoir is 33 meters. The lake is a deep reservoir of karst origin consisting of two funnels: west and east.

Lake Krasne is a great place to relax. The waters of Krasny Lake are one of the cleanest in the entire Landscape Park of the Łęczyńskie Lake District. The lack of pollution of the basin results in the occurrence of numerous species of fish, making Lake Krasne a real paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The lake’s waters include: pike, perch, bream, carp and eel. At Krasny Lake, fishing is only possible on the basis of a permit. On the lake there is a sphere of silence and fishing is allowed only during the day, at night fishing is prohibited.

Natural conditions in the vicinity of the Krasne Lake are conducive to rest and recreation. The lake is surrounded by beautiful coniferous forests and picturesque peat bogs. There is also lush and characteristic swamp vegetation on the Krasny Lake. The reservoir has large sandy beaches, which are especially crowded with tourists especially in summer. Krasne Lake is also a habitat for numerous animal and plant species protected in Poland.

The infrastructure around the lake is not very extensive, but it seems sufficient. There are two resorts above the water, offering both space in the houses and a camping site. The village of Krasne itself offers many agritourism lodgings and necessary shops. There are also several bars where you can eat local fish or a bar dish. There are no discos or other noisy attractions. For this reason, there is always peace and quiet at the lake.

The natural conditions of Krasne Lake make it a great place for rest and recreation. The advantages also create very favorable conditions for practicing water sports and fishing for numerous species of fish living in the lake.

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