Biezdruchowo Lake – a great way to spend time actively

The Gniezno Lake District is one of the most interesting places in Poland. The unique terrain is characterized by numerous moraine lakes and glacial lakes. Being there, you can’t fail to visit Pobiedziska, a city with three lakes. This whole area is covered by the borders of the Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park.

Biezdruchowo Lake
Biezdruchowo Lake

Thanks to the Baltic glaciation, the commune of Pobiedziska boasts such a unique terrain. A phenomenon on a national scale is that the city borders include three glacial lakes: Lake Małe, Lake Dobre and the largest and most beautiful of them, Lake Biezdruchowo. The entire gutter, in which the Biezdruchowo Lake also lies, is located in the Zielonka Forest. There are unique plant species that are nowhere else found.

In summer, you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing at the Biezdruchowskie Lake. There is a beach there, prepared by the Sports and Recreation Center in Pobiedziska. City events are also organized on the beach owned by Lake Biezdruchowo. The most famous in the region include Days of Pobiedzisk and Piast Fair.

However, these are not all the attractions offered by Lake Biezdruchowo. Soon a canoe trail will be opened, leading from the Biezdruchowskie Lake to Tuczno. Tourists can count on well-marked tourist routes, piers and camping sites. The canoe trail will end with a marina where a tired oarsman will be able to rest. Construction of a kayak rental is also planned.

The commune of Pobiedziska provides tourist routes that allow better understanding of the area. You can go on horseback riding, walking or cycling. We will also find the unique Wooden Churches Trail and the Piast Trail, showing places related to the first Polish rulers.

A trip to the Biezdruchowo Lake in Pobiedziska is a great way to spend time actively. It is also an opportunity to see unique and beautiful places.

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