Niegocin lake

In a charming corner of north-eastern Poland there is a picturesque water reservoir – Niegocin Lake. The reservoir is a real paradise for lovers of fishing and water sports. What’s more, the lake impresses with beautiful views created by nature itself.

Niegocin Lake is located in one of the most beautiful parts of north-eastern Poland. The reservoir is the third largest reservoir of the Great Masurian Lake District. The location on an attractive tourist and natural area makes Niegocin Lake very popular among tourists and local residents. The reservoir is a very extensive but relatively shallow lake. The bottom of the lake is very diverse, so be aware of the different depth of the reservoir in individual places.

Lake Niegocin is a very attractive tourist area where at any time of the year you can meet curious tourists admiring the natural conditions of the area where the lake is located. From the north side of the basin lies Giżycko – one of the most popular cities in Masuria in terms of tourism and recreation. Niegocin Lake is an ideal place for water sports. There are numerous yacht ports in Giżycko where ships and yachts can dock and moor. What’s more, the lake area is also a heap of numerous canoe, small boat and pedal boat rentals that allow you to spend time pleasantly enjoying the lake’s natural values.

Niegocin Lake is undoubtedly a paradise for all fishermen. The reservoir is an excellent fishery for many species of fish. Fish live in the lake’s waters, mainly perch, zander, eel, bream and pike. The best fisheries on Lake Niegocin occur at sandy hills scattered throughout the entire water reservoir. In Giżycko, the best fishing ground is the port in the city.

On Niegocin you can spend your time actively sailing on clear waters or relaxing by kayaking and pedal boats. The picturesque areas of the lake with beautiful vegetation around are conducive to rest and good mood. However, it should be remembered that Lake Niegocin is one of the four elements and when it blows strongly, one should be particularly careful during water trips and bathing, and when the wind does not cease, one should give up going out of the water.

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