Kaszuby – attractions, history, lakes

Kashubia as a state within a state

Kashubia is a beautiful area, especially recommended for people who like to learn about interesting culture at the same time without leaving the country. It is a great opportunity to combine intellectual and physical rest.


Wieżyca is a place worth visiting by all those who go hiking in Kashubia. It is the highest peak of the frontal moraine in all this latitude – 329 meters above sea level. Wieżyca is an excellent observation point, also due to the fact that a thirty-meter lookout tower was erected here. In addition, Wieżyca lies in the very center of the beech forest reserve, where the oldest trees are about 150 years old.

Kościerskie Sanctuaries

Kościerskie Sanctuaries are an exception on a global scale – they are two Marian shrines located in one parish and consecrated by Pope John Paul II. Both sanctuaries present great value as monuments. The first of them, i.e. the Shrine of Our Lady of Kościerzyna, has a holy image, which is the object of worship in the sanctuary. The second of the churches, the Shrine of Our Lady of Sorrows, chose the heel for the object of Marian cult, that is the sculpture of the Mother of God with the dead Jesus in his arms; this sculpture is unusual because it probably dates from the fourteenth century.

Kashubian Ethnographic Park

Kashubian Ethnographic Park Teodora and Izydor Gulgowski is a museum – an open-air museum located in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. Interestingly, this is the first museum that was established in Poland in the open air, not in a building. The whole museum presents the style and lifestyle of the inhabitants of the Kashubian and Kiszewian villages from the 17th century until the Second World War. The museum is still working on expanding its space – now you can see over 40 buildings and various equipment.

National Anthem Museum

If anyone thought that Poland does not have a monument that is not found anywhere else in the world – is wrong. In Poland, and more precisely in Będomin in the Kashubia region there is only the National Anthem Museum in the world. It is near the place where Józef Wybicki was born, who was the author of “Mazurek Dąbrowski”. In addition to the fact that it is a museum bound in the national anthem, the building also presents value in itself – it is a manor house with outstanding, noble qualities.


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