Greater Poland Lake District

The Greater Poland Lake District is part of the South Baltic Lake District. It consists of other, smaller, e.g. Poznań Lake District, Gniezno, Kujawskie or Chodzieskie. The local sculpture of the site is very varied, because there are two plains: Inowrocław and Wrzesińska.

Greater Poland Lake District
Greater Poland Lake District

Greater Poland is mainly known for its Important for Polish history and interesting terrain sculpture. This is a place to visited by Poles-to Poznań and its surroundings tourists not only from all over Poland, but from all over the world. In addition, this region It has clean and large lakes, which also invites you to relax in this place.

Greater Poland Lake District For those wishing to relax on the lakeside certainly will not cause bores. It is here that are the most popular in this part of the Polish lakes: The British, the Biezdruchowo, Wielemńskie-Třtské, Dominickie, Gopło and Powidzkie. In addition, Popielewskie, Głuszyńskie, Pątnowskie and the Żniwskie Duże. At each of the lakes there are developed and modern holiday resorts, camping and camping fields, as well as tourist attractions. You can visit Gniezno, Poznań, Jarocin and Biskupin.

Among The natural value of the Wielkopolska Lake District is worth mentioning National Park with 18 areas of strict protection. People who like to photograph should be almost in constant readiness. In these areas are inhabited deer Cuckold and other species of beetle, swell, black woodpecker, forest kuna, badgers and foxes.

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