Rożnowskie Lake – tourist attractions

Rożnowskie Lake was created as a result of the construction of a water dam in Rożnów on the Dunajec. The resulting artificial Rożnowskie Lake is located in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and is currently a very attractive place in terms of natural values ​​as well as tourism and recreation. A characteristic feature of this lake is its irregular shape caused by the construction of the Dunajec valley, where the setting sun reflects its rays in the surface of the picturesque lake.

Rożnowskie Lake
Rożnowskie Lake

Rożnowskie Lake is located above the holiday resort Rożnów – from which the name of the lake comes. The depth of the basin, depending on the state of the water, ranges from 30 to 35 meters. The length of the reservoir is about 22 kilometers, while the entire capacity of the lake is 190 million cubic meters. Rożnowskie Lake is a beautiful place in Lesser Poland, therefore, while staying in these areas it is worth visiting the lake area to see for yourself the wonderful natural values ​​and picturesque views.

Rożnowskie Lake and its immediate surroundings are a very attractive area for tourists. The mountainous terrain, numerous and dense forests and the long and varied shoreline of the lake means that there will be plenty of attractions for vacationers. The shores of the lake are characterized by numerous peninsulas and coves located at the mouth of the streams flowing into the Dunajec. The entire length of the Rożnowskie Lake water line includes numerous sandy beaches, recreational facilities, guest houses and water equipment rentals. The reservoir has excellent conditions for water sports such as sailing or canoeing. Lovers of fishing can count on a rich catch on Lake Rożnów. The surrounding forests and mountainous areas are ideal for cycling trips, from where you can admire not only the beauty of nature but also the transparent surface of Lake Rożnów.

On Lake Rożnowskie there are several attractive tourist resorts which include, among others: Zbyszyce, Gródek nad Dunajcem, Tęgoborze and Rożnów, from which the name of the water reservoir was created. Rożnowskie Lake areas are very rich habitats of various species of birds and animals. Picturesque areas become an inspiration for many artists and creators. A great place for water bathing are the large and sandy beaches on the lake located in Gródek near Dunajec.

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