Żarnowieckie Lake – an ideal place for windsurfing

Żarnowieckie Lake is quiet and peaceful, making it ideal for a place of rest and relaxation. The beautiful landscape of the lake and the surrounding area will surprise many tourists, especially fishing and nature enthusiasts.

Lake Żarnowieckie
Lake Żarnowieckie

Żarnowieckie Lake is located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship and is a gutter reservoir surrounded by moraine hills. The lake is an impressive water reservoir. Its area covers almost 1500 hectares, and the length is 7.5 kilometers. There is a pumped storage power plant at the lake. Due to the operation of the power plant, there are days when the water in the lake is much less. When taking a bath in the lake, it should be borne in mind that the depth of the lake may be different every day. Therefore, the natural resources of the reservoir should be used with caution.

The operation of the power plant also has its positive sides, which include a higher water temperature than in other tanks of this type. Żarnowieckie Lake turns into a picturesque picture imposingly high moraine embankments overgrown with lush forests and unusual vegetation. The lake landscape is a great inspiration for many artists such as painters and photographers. Żarnowieckie Lake also has a long and varied shoreline, thanks to which the lake’s natural conditions are conducive to water sports.

On Żarnowieckie Lake there are excellent conditions for kayaking, motorboats and boats. A characteristic feature of the lake are always strong winds, which makes the lake an ideal place for windsurfing. Lovers of fishing in the waters of the lake can count on an abundant catch of various species of fish, in particular pike. What’s more. Lovers of wildlife coming to the Żarnowieckie Lake can go on a trip to the reserves and monuments of nature located in the lake. Within the protected landscape area paths have been created portraying numerous species of animals and plants in the lake area.

Żarnowieckie Lake is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. Picturesque areas and many opportunities to spend free time offered by the lake. It makes the reservoir very popular and brings together many tourists and holiday makers at any time of the year. Nowhere will we meet such a beautiful landscape and picturesque views. The lake area is a quiet and peaceful place to relax well while admiring the impressive natural values ​​of the charming lake .

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