Lake Solina – picturesque areas of the water reservoir

The Lake Solina, also called the Solina Lagoon, was created as a result of the accumulation of the waters of San and Solinka. The picturesque areas of the lake are a natural attraction of the Bieszczady Mountains, where many tourists come at any time of the year.

Lake Solina
Lake Solina

The surface of the Lake Solina is over 20 square kilometers. The reservoir is the largest artificial lake in Poland, its capacity is 500 million cubic meters! The area around the lake is quiet and peaceful. Due to favorable natural conditions and natural values, the Solina Lagoon is besieged not only by tourists but also by sailing enthusiasts. Solińskie Lake is one of the most landscape-changing water reservoirs in Poland. Picturesque peninsulas and coves captivate with their beauty and naturalness. Solińskie Lake is a habitat for many species of fish, therefore it is a real paradise for fishing enthusiasts. The tank contains, among others: zander and perch, but also bream and asp.

A characteristic feature of the Solina Lake is the large fluctuation of the water level. Depth changes can occur very quickly, therefore the waters of the Solina Lake can be dangerous and its natural resources should be used with caution. Water level fluctuations are caused by the diversity of San flows and the steep banks of the lake bottom. The Solina Lagoon is divided into two parts. The western one reaching Bukowiec while the eastern one reaches Rajski. The shoreline of the lake is very developed and is about 160 kilometers. Picturesque peninsulas and coves make the view even more attractive.

The bottom of the lake drops off almost everywhere in the lake and is sometimes covered with sharp branches. Amateurs of bathing in unguarded places are warned, as this can be hazardous to health. Another thing to watch out for is very cold water concentrating under the heated surface of the lake. This can cause thermal shock. However, with common sense and compliance with generally accepted principles at Lake Solina, you can spend your free time very safely. Picturesque areas of the water reservoir and favorable natural conditions make the Solina Lake a great place for rest and recreation.

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