Lake Mikorzyńskie

South of Ślesin there is a beautiful Lake Mikorzyńskie. The location within the Ślesiński Canal, as well as an indirect connection with the Dump Canal by the Pątnowskie Lake, provide favorable conditions for tourism. The lake is situated a short distance from Konin and the A2 motorway, so the access from every part of Poland is very good.

Lake Mikorzyńskie is a part of a string of ribbon lakes (the so-called goplan channel), which are a trace of water runoff in the glacier bed. The lake has an area of ​​251 hectares. The maximum depth is 36 meters and the average depth is 11.5 meters. The maximum length is 6.6 kilometers and the width. The lake is separated from the neighboring ones by bridges in Ślesin and Łężyn.

The warmest lakes in Poland

Lake Mikorzyńskie and the neighboring Lake Ślesińskie are one of the warmest lakes in Poland. The water temperature in summer often exceeds 25C. This is due to the proximity of two power plants that use water for cooling. Water is not used in any technological process other than cooling. This keeps it clean and safe for dropping into lakes. Hot water from the power plant is discharged through a canal to the Licheński and Mikorzyńskie lakes from where it returns to the power plant while cooling down, flowing through the Pątnowskie and Gosławskie lakes. The other lakes through which the water from the power plant flows are also warm, but they are not so well developed for tourists.

Lake Mikorzyńskie
Lake Mikorzyńskie

Lake attractions

There are two main attractions that attract tourists. The first is warm water, and the second is a water connection with the Gopło-Warta canal. There is a fairly large marina in Ślesin. It is true that it is on the shores of Lake Ślesińskie, but right next to the Mikorzyński lake. There are many private jetties at the lake itself. Hotels and resorts also have berths for boats. There is a tourist ship “Pawełek” on the lake, which sets off from Marina Ślesin and sails on Konin lakes or is on its way to Kruszwica.

Along almost the entire shore of the lake in Ślesin, there is a new and well-kept promenade with a bicycle path. There is a playground and a skate park on a small peninsula. There are piers at the southern end. There is no public beach on this lake. To swim you need to go to one of the numerous holiday resorts. The commune tries to focus people on the city beach, which is located in Ślesin, next to the marina on Lake Mikorzynskie. However, the area is so attractive that the entire Ślesin, Mikorzyn and Półwiosek Stary are dotted with summer houses, hotels and resorts.

Fish in Lake Mikorzynskie

In terms of fishing, Mikorzyńskie Lake is a bream lake. There are fish such as bream, bream, bleak, perch, zander, roach, ruffe, stickleback, tench and eel. There are good conditions for spawning, feeding and growth of fish due to the large amount of submerged vegetation and the higher temperature of the water. The host of the lake is Gospodarstwo Rybackie Gosławice. Fishing permits for the waters of the farm can be purchased at the company’s headquarters, in fishing shops in Ślesin and in holiday resorts by the lake. It would seem that there are ideal conditions for fishing here, but it is not easy here. There are many anglers, but unfortunately there are also poachers.


The biggest advantage of Lake Mikorzyńskie is its connection with other lakes and warm water. Thanks to this, it is possible to use a wide range of water tourism of all types. It is a perfect place for sailors, motorboats and canoeists.

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