Orzysz Lake

Orzysz Lake is located at the eastern end of the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes. The lake is connected to the rest of the region’s lakes, but the trail is not suitable for most boats. Only kayaks can overcome it. The lake is large and attractive thanks to the extensive coastline. However, it is used only to a small extent in terms of tourism.

Orzysz Lake
Orzysz Lake

The national road number 16 runs along the southern edge of the lake. The largest town, Orzysz, is also there. The lake has an area of ​​1076 hectares. The maximum depth is 36 meters and the average depth is 6.6 meters. The shores of the southern part of the lake are high and steep, the rest are mostly flat and marshy. To the south and west forests, the remaining shores are covered with fields and meadows. There are as many as 10 islands on the lake. The largest of them is Różany Ostrów, also known as the Rose Island. It is a charming area of ​​54 hectares and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. The second largest island, Wąskie – 12 hectares – is located in the northern part of the lake. Another large island is the island of Lasek – 7 hectares – also located in the northern part of the lake, but on the western shore.

The Orzysz River, also known as Orzyska Struga, flows through the Orzysz Lake. After about 50 meters, it joins Lake Wierzbinskie, which is separated by the America Peninsula. The Orzysza River flows further and after 12 kilometers it flows into Lake Tyrkło, which is directly connected with Lake Śniardwy. The river is overgrown with aquatic vegetation. It rarely exceeds 2 meters in width. There are also low bridges that keep most boats out of the way.

Orzysz Lake is still little discovered by tourists. Mainly campers and cottage enthusiasts come here. The easiest way to rent accommodation is in Orzysz. You can also look on the shores of Lake Wierzbińskie, on the America Peninsula or the vicinity of Skomack Wielki. And also in Kamieńskis. However, apart from Orzysz itself, camping and campsites dominate. They all have their own access to water. There is a city beach in the city. There are all the necessary amenities – parking, toilets, playground, pier, beach ball court and barges. There is also a lifeguard during the season.

The lessee of the lake is the PZW Fish Farm in Suwałki. It is necessary to purchase the appropriate fishing permit. On March 15, 2019, an agreement was signed between the city of Orzysz and the lessee. Economic catches have been reduced by around 60%. According to the agreement, the Polish Angling Association is to organize at least one event of the Polish Championship rank or the Polish Grand Prix annually on Lake Orzysz, and to provide support in three events a year organized by the local government. In addition, PZW undertook to organize an annual educational meeting for children and youth promoting fishing. The fish found in the lake are: crucian carp, bream, tench, perch, roach, pike perch, whitefish, whitefish, pike and eel.

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