Lake Gardno

In the charming areas of the Słowiński National Park there is a picturesque water reservoir – Lake Gardno. The natural conditions of the lake areas make water sports very popular here and the tourist attractions encourage numerous vacationers and vacationers to visit Lake Gardno and see for themselves how beautiful these areas are.

Lake Gardno
Lake Gardno

Lake Gardno is a coastal lake separated from the Baltic Sea spit. The water reservoir is located in the Słowiński National Park of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. The surface of the water surface is about 2468 hectares while the maximum depth of the basin is 2.6 meters. The reservoir is also relatively shallow. The shoreline of the lake is very poorly developed, therefore there are no numerous peninsulas and coves on the reservoir. The following rivers flow into Lake Gardno from the south: Grabownica, Brodna and Bagienica.

Numerous tourist attractions gather many tourists and enthusiasts of spending time outdoors in the lake. On the small island of Lake Gardno there is a nature reserve “Island of Stone” which is a habitat of extremely rare species of birds. The area of ​​the Słowiński National Park is extremely picturesque. The park is a habitat for many species of wild animals and birds. Vegetation on the Grodno Lake is very rich and varied. The Łupawa River flows through Lake Gardno, which is also part of the Słowiński National Park and reaches the lake by a flat coastal plain. Already in the park, the Łupawa-Łebsko and Łebsko-Gardno canals connect adjacent extensive water bodies. Canoeing trips are often organized on the Łupawa River, however, Łupawa is difficult and demanding, therefore, water sports enthusiasts should be decided by canoeists with extensive experience.

Lake Gardno creates ideal conditions for active recreation. Water sports are extremely popular in the areas of the lake and the natural conditions of the reservoir are very favorable. Thanks to the favorable winds, Lake Gardno brings together many supporters of sports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. Avid sailors will not be bored either. The areas of Lake Gardno are a paradise for anglers. Many species of fish live in the waters of the reservoir, which will please many avid fishermen. Recreation provided by water sports and favorable natural conditions of the lake area are not all the positive features of this place. An extremely important thing on Lake Gardno is the constantly growing accommodation base, which provides very comfortable conditions for each tourist and vacationer. Due to the development of reed reeds, the surface of Lake Gardno is slowly decreasing, however, tourist attractions and favorable natural conditions make the water reservoir always popular among many tourists from all over the country.

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