Lake Jamno in Mielno

Excellent conditions for water sports, rich fisheries of various species of fish and picturesque views are features that welcome us to Lake Jamno. Every year, the areas of the reservoir are besieged by tourists and vacationers, especially during the summer. The lake’s attractiveness is enhanced by its location on the beautiful Słowiński Coast.

Lake Jamno
Lake Jamno

Lake Jamno is a coastal lake located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The reservoir is the ninth largest lake in Poland. From the Baltic Sea it is separated by a spit. Between the lake and the Baltic Sea there are two cities very popular for tourists: Mielno and Unieście. Lake Jamno and the Baltic Sea are connected by a channel called the Jamieński Stream. In areas where there is a coastal lake, one of the most popular pastimes for tourists is water sports and lake fishing. Typical species of fish found in the basin include: zander, bream, eel, pike. In the waters of Lake Jamno you can still find fish such as crucian carp, perch and tench. Lake Jamno is also a habitat for rare species. The river lamprey belongs to one of them and is a protected species in Poland. Amateur fishing enthusiasts can buy a special permit at the Fisheries Farm in Mielno.

Lake fishing are not the only tourist attractions of Lake Jamno. Water sports are very popular and abundantly grown on the surface of the picturesque waters. Lake Jamno has ideal conditions for all enthusiasts of water madness. There is not one water equipment rental on the water reservoir. Tourists can use pedal boats, rowing boats and motorboats. Thrill enthusiasts can take advantage of transport by the fastest motorboats. At Lake Jamno there is a popular marina sailing club, where there is a rental of yachts and kayaks. In the summer season, a pleasant cruise on the lake enjoys a pleasant cruise ship “Mila”. Cruise cruises are an ideal way to spend a nice free time while enjoying the natural assets of the lake.

Lake Jamno attracts numerous tourists and holiday makers to its shores. Pleasant rest at the lake is provided by numerous tourist attractions of the area as well as comfortable accommodation at the lake. Favorable conditions and not one rental of water equipment provides comfortable opportunities to practice water sports of all kinds. Lake fishing is also thriving on Lake Jamno. Everything tends to the fact that going to the water reservoir will provide a very pleasant and eventful rest on the lake.

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