Lake Dąbie (Szczecin)

Huge tourist values, favorable conditions for water sports as well as picturesque areas and charming corners are just some of the features of Lake Dąbie. The reservoir is the fourth largest Polish lake and associates on its shores always numerous fascinated tourists.

Lake Dąbie
Lake Dąbie

Lake Dąbie located in Szczecin is a former bay of the Szczecin Lagoon. The reservoir is the fourth largest lake in Poland and thus the largest water reservoir in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The lake has a very well developed shoreline over which there are numerous harbors and ports for small ships. Numerous sailing clubs located on Lake Dąbie are conducive to learning sailing and practicing water sports. The reservoir is a glacial delta lake and belongs to the shallow lakes because the maximum depth of the reservoir is less than 7 meters. The lake is connected by a system of water channels with the Oder. The Reglica River flows through Dąbie, connecting in the northern part with the mainstream. The lake is divided into two parts: Lake Dąbie Wielkie located in the northern part and Lake Dąbie Małe from the southern.

Dąbie Lake is very attractive in terms of tourism and more. The beautiful and picturesque areas of the lake bring together many tourists sensitive to nature. What’s more, Dąbie is located entirely in the area of ​​bird protection – the Dolej Odra Valley. The well-developed shoreline with numerous ports and favorable natural conditions of the lake are conducive to water sports. Lovers of sailing or windsurfing will find something for themselves. Fishing enthusiasts will also not be bored in the waters of the lake because many species of fish will allow abundant fishing.

There are many fishing nets on the lake that are a big problem for sailors. The length of the network can reach up to 900 meters, which is why there is a ban on swimming along fairways. The climate at Dąbie Lake is similar to the climate prevailing in the Szczecin Lowland. The lake is dominated by strong northwest winds throughout the year, which favors water sports, especially windsurfing. The autumn and winter periods are difficult conditions for navigation due to the shallow depth of the lake and short wave, which during strong gusts of wind makes navigation dangerous.

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